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REVIEW: Innovation

Innovation review - Jayne Lockwood

Just got an amazing review for “Innovation,” the 2020 Queer Sci Fi flash fiction anthology, from Jayne Lockwood: “Innovation is an addictive read. I challenge you to put this book down after you’ve begun reading it. I devoured it in two afternoons and can say, hand on heart, I will read it again. I was so impressed by the ingenuity of each author, who all brought their unique take on the theme.” We’re thrilled and so proud of all of our authors! Read the full review here. Get Innovation here: Publisher: Amazon eBook: Amazon Paperback: Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=B6173CB4BC3505B7042A4C867C2A0DCD.prodny_store02-atgap07?ean=2940164607074 iBooks: Kobo:

Innovation Judges’ Choices

Innovation Badge - Judge's Choice

It’s that time again (well, technically it was time yesterday, but life got in the way). Every year, each of our judges chooses a story that didn’t make the final three, but that touched them in some way. Scott also chooses a story as the contest director. Here are this year’s choices, and what the judges had to say about them: “Are My High-Speed Underwater Sperm Darts Normal?” And Other Teen Brenna Harvey It has been my immense pleasure to judge the Queer Sci Fi Flash Fiction Anthology every year, and each year I’ve gravitated toward visceral stories with … Read more

INNOVATION: Cover Reveal

Innovation eBook cover

It’s gettin’ real, y’all. The marked-up manuscript came back from Ryane last week, and we’ve now heard from just about all of the authors with their changes and approval. Now we upload to Amazon for preorder! And it’s time for the cover reveal! Here’s the eBook cover: And here’s the print cover: Next up? Announceing the Judges’ Choices in about two weeks, and then publication on August 8th. So many great stories!

Innovation Honorable Mentions

Innovation teaser

It’s time for the next announcement for the 2020 QSF Flash Fiction contest – our honorable mentions. These are stories that scored among the highest without winning one of the contest’s top three spots. These stores are still eligible to be Judges’ Picks, which will be announced in a few weeks. So here we go, without further ado – congrats to all these great authors: Moura Inovadora, by Emilia AgrafojoBurnt Crystals, by Blaine D. ArdenThe Price of Ingenuity, by Chris BannorJust Perfect, by Redfern Jon BarrettSpeak, by Brooke K. BellAbandon, by Jade BlackIt Goes Without Saying, by Sydney BlackburnTo The … Read more

Innovation – The Anthology Stories

Innovation teaser

Hey all… The judges have met to pick the contest winners, and Angel and I have gotten together to pick the anthology stories for this year’s Flash Fiction contest. We’re sharing the story and author names for the anthology picks today. Here’s the reveal schedule: 6/29: Honorable Mentions7/13: Cover Reveal7/27: Judge’s Choices8/8: Top Three Winners, Release Day I’m giving you a little taste of the cover above – still tweaking it, but we’re getting there. :) We had a great crop of stories this year – 233 in all – and winnowing it down to just 120 was a difficult … Read more

FOR WRITERS: Let’s Talk Flash Fiction & “Innovation”


It’s that time of year again. In two weeks our 2020 flash fiction contest opens once again, and this year the theme is Innovation. So we’re inviting past participants and winners to stop in and talk about how to write these short short stories, and what aspects of the theme we might explore this year! See our current rules here. FB: