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Review: The Empath and the Soldier – AK Holubek

The Empath and the Soldier - A.K. Holubek

Genre: Fantasy, Historical (Regency) LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Lesbian Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book The situation seemed hopeless. But Tyrran couldn’t pretend to be ignorant of the danger and just wait for his home to disintegrate around him. As a Favored male, Tyrran belongs to a select group of men born with one of the Four Gifts, a blessing usually reserved for women. Quiet, introverted, and filled with self-doubt, Tyrran has always struggled with living up to the responsibilities that come with being Gifted. Still, he had managed to achieve the near impossible — admission to … Read more

Review: A Beat Of Honour – Amir Lane

A Beat of Honour - Amir Lane

Genre: Historical, Urban Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Bisexual, Gay Reviewer: D.B., Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Go into battle expecting to die… Born and raised as a samurai, Tetsuro Saito expected to die in battle. He didn’t expect to rise again. Waking up in the middle of a bloodbath, Tetsuro is horrified to discover he’s been turned into a vampire by a man with a violent agenda. Unless Tetsuro can find a way to stop him, Maxwell Osborne will continue to create an army of immortals. Fighting the bloodthirsty urges now burning through his veins, Tetsuro … Read more

New Release: Perilous Passages – Edale lane

New Release - Perilous Passages - Edale lane

QSFer Edale Lane has a new FF historical collection out, Wellington Mysteries book 2: Perilous Passages. After solving a minor case for a major payout, Stetson embarks on a trip to America with Evelyn and her burlesque company, hoping to find her long-lost father. But the inventive detective leaves with an unidentified art thief still at large. Musician Evelyn has grown to love the unique woman who bends the rules to pursue her dreams. But facing the disapproval of her family and society at large, how can their relationship move forward? Can Stetson keep her newfound love alive, or will … Read more

NEW RELEASE – GIVEAWAY: Walks With Spirits – Edale Lane

Walks with Spirits - Edale Lane

Edale Lane has a new FF historical romance out: Walks With Spirits. And there’s a giveaway! Bound by love, separated by circumstances; can two women realize their happy ending?In a time when people believed everything had a spirit, there was a two-spirit woman who chose the life of a hunter. Human beings live in the physical world, while spirits dwell in the land beyond; Walks with Spirits inhabits both. Daughter of a shaman and an herbalist-midwife, Laughing Brook holds a prominent place in her society. She is training to be a healer like her mother, but her one wish is to … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Viking Quest – Edale Lane

Viking Quest - Edale Lane

QSFer Edale Lane has a new FF historical fantasy out (bi, lesbian): Viking Quest. When secrets and lies threaten the throne, can a fierce champion tame her passion in time to stop a cruel enemy’s ruthless march? Jutland, Early 11th Century. Viking Warrior Princess Lena craves revenge. Hunting a killer after her husband is brutally slain, she discovers a shadowy traitor is at play behind the scenes, working to disrupt the balance of power. But she places her need for vengeance on hold when the king falls gravely ill, and sails out along with the pretty slave she rescued to … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Hail, by Jamie Killen

ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Hail, By Jamie Killen

QSFer Jamie Killen has a new queer historical horror book out: Red Hail. Professor Colin Ayres has spent years researching the strange story of Galina, Arizona, a sleepy border town ripped apart by violence and paranoia after the outbreak of a mysterious illness in 1960. Colin is certain the Galina Incident was simply a case of mass hysteria. But when his partner, Alonzo, starts exhibiting strange symptoms, Colin is shocked to realize they are the same as those that emerged in Galina decades ago. As Alonzo’s condition worsens, Colin scrambles to piece together what really happened during that terrible summer … Read more