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New Release: Tenacity – Elaine Burnes

Tenacity - Elaine Burnes

QSFer Elaine Burnes has a new FF sci-fi book out: Tenacity. All they want is a ride. Why is that a really bad idea?Former captain Lyn Randall is the only person on Earth who has the information to build the machine that can open a traversable wormhole. More accurately, she has the data. Her wife, astrophysicist Diana Teegan, pioneered the technology. They believe nothing good can come from humans expanding into the galaxy given how Earth has been exploited. So, they’ve vowed to keep it secret despite powerful entities within and outside government who will do anything to get their … Read more

New Release: Detonation – Erik Schubach

Detonation - Erik Schubach

QSFer Erik Schubach has a new FF sci-fi book out, Worldship Files book 10: Detonation. When the Earth is threatened by a slowly expanding sun, mankind embarks upon a mission to send a mammoth Worldship to settle a new planet across the stars. The preternatural races step out of hiding to work with the humans to save what they can from their dying world. With the aid of the Fae, shape shifters, Vampires, and other creatures of supernatural lore, the Worldship, Leviathan, is complete one thousand years later. With Knith being consumed by the magic she has been absorbing her … Read more

New Release: Of Friction – S.J. Lee

Of Friction - S.J. Lee

QSFer S.J. Lee has a new sapphic military sci-fi book out (bi, lesbian), Altered Earth book 1: Of Friction. Decades of hostilities. A chance for peace. Caught between belligerent groups, will this operation be her last? Sam “Valkyrie” Ryan is reeling. Struggling with her brother’s recent decision to make their next assignment his last, the recon specialist fights to change his mind. But she has no time to process her emotions when they’re tasked to protect a pivotal reconciliation summit between the Altered and Humans from human-supremacist terrorists. Distracted by a charming female medic, the golden-haired marine struggles to stay … Read more

New Release: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Amy Allen

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing - Amy Allen

QSFer Amy Allen has a new FF paranormal romance out – A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing. Harper Zeale is finally taking up the family business—hunting supernatural threats. One of her first jobs is to solve the murder of a girl at Malcolm-Baptiste College, a small school in central Illinois. It’s obvious the killer was a werewolf, but Esther Talbot—the only werewolf around—is a harmless puppy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Without any leads to follow, Harper enlists the help of Esther and her friends in the search for the killer. All she has to do is keep them all alive, … Read more

New Release: The Inevitable Singularity – Molly J. Bragg

The Inevitable Singularity - Molly J. Bragg

QSFer Molly J. Bragg has a new FF space opera book out (Bi, Lesbian), Paladins of the Republic Book 1: The Inevitable Singularity. Sean, a mercenary, is the bodyguard of Grand Master Caila of the Order of the Paladins of the Republic. A fact that the entire Order, except for Caila herself, resents deeply since they kicked Sean out almost twenty years earlier. It doesn’t help matters that Caila has taken a vow of Celibacy, but everyone knows that she and Sean have feelings for each other. Sean’s presence is only tolerated because Caila is the official Seer of the … Read more

New Release: The Sea of Stars – Gwenhyver

The Sea of Stars - Gwenhyver

QSFer Gwenhyver has a new FF sci-fantasy book out: The Sea of Stars. A sapphic swords & sorcery space adventure! Venturing to the skies was meant to be perfect… Adventurer JASYN has dreamed of taking to the skies her whole life. But it’s difficult to thrive on a sky ship when no-one trusts you to not blow a hole in the hull with your inconsistent ice-powers. Meanwhile, engineering-savvy ATALANTA fits in like a well-oiled cog in a machine, even though being contained within a faulting sky ship with a bunch of strangers is the last place she wants to be. … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: Sealed With a Hiss – Eule Grey

Sealed With a Hiss - Eule Grey

QSFer Eule Grey has a new FF paranormal romance out, Kitten and Blonde book 1: Sealed With a Hiss. Kitten and Blonde: Mostly Paranormal. Sometimes alien. Always gentle. Mave Kitten is ecstatic when she lands a dream job as a paranormal journalist for a local newspaper, the Echo. It’s a chance in a lifetime for a neurodivergent Witch. She’s a little nervous about the boss, leather-clad motorcyclist Lisa Blonde. But Lisa’s got a heart of gold, and Mave soon settles into her new role. There’s even an office cat to help out. Only one tiny problem remains—Lisa doesn’t believe in … Read more

New Release: Sympathy for the Gods – Tallie Rose

Sympathy for the Gods - Tallie Rose

Tallie Rose has a new FF Sci-Fantasy book out: Sympathy for the Gods. With the death of Eliana, Briar had hoped the danger for her and her friends had passed, but killing a Goddess comes with consequences. As Briar struggles to deal with her new life and responsibilities as conduit, Bastianna rallies others to try to destroy everything she is working for. A group of fanatics, known as Believers, want Briar to pay for her sins. Meanwhile, Eliana’s father Ivian wanders the earth as a fallen God. When he joins the Believers, lured by their promise of revenge, everyone Briar … Read more

New Release: Hero – K.R. Bady

Hero - K.R. Bady

QSFer K.R. Bady has a new FF sci-fi/paranormal book out, The Nine Bloodlines book 2: Hero. Blythe Ramos left her home planet behind years ago, along with a promising career. She told herself it wasn’t a big loss, Earth was on its deathbed anyway, and the moon was a safer bet since she made an enemy out of Earth’s most notorious supremacist group. Parting ways with her chosen family was another matter. None of it was what she wanted, but it was necessary for survival. The sacrifices were supposed to be worth it. Unfortunately, driving Blythe off the face of … Read more

Review: You Are Cordially Invited to Crossroads Station – Mary E. Lowd

You are Cordially Invited to Crossroads Station - Mary E. Lowd

Genre: Sci-Fi, Furry, Cozy Space Opera LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian, Trans MTF Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book When an unexpected wedding invitation arrives, Anno packs her family up for a trip across the stars. There’s a lot of fun, touristy things to do on Crossroads Station, including spacewalks, cloud surfing on New Jupiter, and enjoying the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a place that’s home to many dozens of different species of alien. But there’s also a reckoning to be had with her larger family, who Anno hasn’t seen in eight years. She was born and raised in the … Read more