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New Release: Of Friction – S.J. Lee

Of Friction - S.J. Lee

QSFer S.J. Lee has a new sapphic military sci-fi book out (bi, lesbian), Altered Earth book 1: Of Friction. Decades of hostilities. A chance for peace. Caught between belligerent groups, will this operation be her last? Sam “Valkyrie” Ryan is reeling. Struggling with her brother’s recent decision to make their next assignment his last, the recon specialist fights to change his mind. But she has no time to process her emotions when they’re tasked to protect a pivotal reconciliation summit between the Altered and Humans from human-supremacist terrorists. Distracted by a charming female medic, the golden-haired marine struggles to stay … Read more

New Release: Watchdogs Box Set – Gale Stanley

Watchdogs (Boxset) - Gale Stanley

QSFer Gale Stanley has a new MM erotic paranormal shifters box set out: Watchdogs. When Ray falls for a cop he must hide his shifting secrets or the veteran hitman may become a target.. Cyclops (Watchdogs 1): Ray Miller was a misfit until he found his calling in the Army. But an explosion in Afghanistan took his left eye and ended his career. Set adrift, he turns to alcohol, until an old army buddy shows up and offers Ray a job. Then he falls for cop. How long can he hide his secrets before the hitman becomes the target? Remus … Read more

REVIEW: The Scouts – Kasia Bacon

The Scouts

Genre: Fantasy, Military, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay Reviewer: Xanthe, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Lochan and Ervyn—an assassin and a sharpshooter—remain in service to the queen as part of an elite reconnaissance unit. The Scouts are ghostlike. Elusive. Deadly. They strike at enemies of the Crown without mercy. They get the job done, leaving no loose ends or witnesses. When Magic Supremacists threaten the safety of Elven Country, they do their duty—whatever it takes. Lochan and Ervyn belong to each other, but will serving together as comrades-in-arms strengthen their bond as lovers or tear … Read more

REVIEW: When I Come Home – Frances Regan

When I Came Home - Frances Regan

Genre: Sci Fi, Gay Military, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, MMM Reviewer: Gordon, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Indi Hyde came home from Afghanistan to Blue Hyde Ranch, which was left when his father died. Struggling to live as a double amputee and depressed. His only friend is Angel, a therapy dog. The dog drags him out of the doldrums of life, helping Indi to learn to live. Then, a day at the sales, and the glimpse of a man in a cowboy hat, brings Indi closer to a love he never thought possible. Dr. Jase … Read more