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Review: Cthulhu for Christmas – Meghan Maslow

Cthulhu for Christmas - Meghan Maslow

Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Holiday LGBTQ+ Identities: Bi, Gay Reviewer: Linda Get It At Amazon About the Book: QSFer Meghan Maslow has a new MM paranormal Christmas romance out in the multi-author Tinsel and Tentacles series (bi, gay): Cthulhu for Christmas. Six accidental tentacles, five naked neighbors, four evil mages, three ugly sweaters, two dead bodies, and one crush on my straight best friend . . . Some things are simple fact: Santa Claus isn’t real and magic doesn’t exist. As a former foster kid turned cop, I know this for a fact. My life is anything but magical and Santa sure as hell never … Read more

Review: A Very Genre Christmas – Kim Fielding

A Very Genre Christmas - Kim Fielding

Genre: Holiday, Urban Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Very little is merry in a private dick’s world. Private detective Nick Bozic works the mean streets of 1950s Portland, Oregon, shadowing unfaithful spouses and nabbing thieving employees. He may be lonely, but at least he’s not crooked. Despite the festive season, Christmas simply means less dough in his pocket. With the holiday only a few days away, a regular client drops a new case on him: yet another being has come through the Rift and needs help finding his way home. Maybe … Read more

Review: Yule: Tales for the Winter Solstice

Yule: Tales for the Winter Solstice

Genre: Folklore, Fairy Tale, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian, Poly (some stories) Reviewer: Jay Get It At Amazon | Publisher About The Book During the cold winter months, we mirror the Earth as she lies quiet, waiting for the return of warm days. We gather around yule fires and perform rituals to lure back the sun. Drinking wassail, singing songs and exchanging gifts, some of us tell stories of the longest night. Stories of new love and old magick. Stories of the Holly King and his fight for the season. Of death and lives well lived. Of succumbing to the most feral parts … Read more

New Release: Saint Nicky, Demon Hunter – Amir Lane & N.J. Ember

Saint Nicky, Demon Hunter - Amir Lane & N.J. Ember

QSFers Amir Lane and N.J. Ember have a new MM paranormal holiday romance book out: Saint Nicky, Demon Hunter. As the holidays near and monsters appear, Saint Nicky comes to slay. Nicky Stevens loves the holidays. She loves kicking ass, taking names, and protecting her small town of Abundance Falls from the undead, but Christmas brings out something special in her. Hunting down the few vampires has always been relatively easy, but now something new is lurking in the shadows. One person is already dead, and Nicky isn’t sure she can fight it alone. Another thing about Christmas? Miracles happen. … Read more

Review: True North – TA Moore

True North - TA Moore

Genre: Holiday, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Despite what his co-workers say Belling, Montana paramedic Dylan Hollie does not hate Christmas. It’s just that as an ex-foster kid he learned early on that Christmas just didn’t have much relevance to his life. He’s seen no evidence since then that he’s wrong. That said, if Santa ever delivered a six-foot plus wall of hot muscle under his tree he’d be willing to reconsider. He’s even sourced an available one locally in the taciturn Somerset North and his impossibly blue eyes. So … Read more

New Release: Regifted – Kim Fielding

Regifted - Kim Fielding

QSFer Kim Fielding has a new MM holiday fantasy romance out: Regifted. It’s December, and although Chrys Carvalho loves his home among the trees in the California Sierras, he’s a little lonely. While trying to find a new owner for a motorcycle—gifted by Chrys to his late husband—he meets handsome rancher Monroe Ogden. Monroe would dearly love to own the bike, but it’s out of his budget. In the spirit of the holidays, Chrys offers the motorcycle as a gift—and gets a new friend in return. When friendship turns to something more, Chrys must decide whether to keep his secrets … Read more

New Release: All I Want for Christmas is Tentacles – Chloe Archer

All I Want for Christmas is Tentacles - Chloe Archer

QSFer Chloe Archer has a new MM sci-fi holiday romance out: All I Want for Christmas is Tentacles. Seasons greetings and alien abductions! Can two misfits find love together? It might just take a Christmas miracle! Let’s hope Santa doesn’t mind that tentacles can be both naughty and nice…Khephren There’s no way in Helgar’s Nebula I’m marrying the candidate my parents have chosen for me. I don’t want to be the house-husband of some stoic warrior who only cares about training all day. Boring! Thankfully, I’ve learned a thing or two from all those rom-com human movies I’ve illegally downloaded … Read more

New Release: Sugar and Ice – Eule Grey

Sugar and Ice - Eule Grey

QSFer Eule Grey has a new FF paranormal holiday book out, Kitten and Blonde book 1.5: Sugar and Ice. Sugar, ice, and bumps in the night… After a thrilling year of ghost-whispering, monster-chasing, and blogging for the Echo, Mave Kitten is keen to abandon her witchy hat for a well-earned break. Snowflakes are drifting in; the office is stuffed with fruit cake. How to win the pub karaoke without cheating (too much) is all that’s left to worry about. Aside from fiddling the office’s debts and choosing a suitable karaoke costume, Lisa Blonde is also ready for the party season, … Read more

New Release: Cyborgs Save Christmas – Toshi Drake

Cyborgs Save Christmas - Toshi Drake

QSFer Toshi Drake has a new MM sci-fi Christmas romance book out, Must Be Aliens book 1: Cyborgs Save Christmas. With time running out, can Tobias and Malik find a way to be together forever or are they destined for a lonely Christmas?Finding an alien cyborg in the town park wasn’t something Tobias Prince figured on. He was only taking a breather from family drama when he discovered the spaceship hiding. He hadn’t counted on the giant robot following him home either.  But when Malik Io took off his powersuit and revealed the person inside, Tobias was smitten.  Malik Io … Read more

Night Of the Living Queers; On Beyond Cisgender VII – Boogieman in Lavender

This is the seventh (wow!) installment of our “On Beyond Cisgender” feature, where we look at books for YA readers (whether written for them or not!) It was initially inspired by a Facebook post from A. M. Leibowitz lamenting the lack of LGBT, non-cisgender, non POC books for High School readers several years ago. There aren’t a lot of good original anthologies aimed at LGBT YA audiences out there, and this one is appropriate for the season. —–jeff Just in time for Halloween, Wednesday Books has published “Night Of the Living Queers,” a YA anthology edited by Shelly Page and … Read more