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Comics: Gay Captain America Makes Mysterious Return

Gay Captain America

An openly queer rendition of Captain America is finally returning to Marvel Comics and fans are beyond excited. Aaron Fischer – the unabashedly queer Captain America of the railways – will make his return in the upcoming eighth issue of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. The comic, which is set to release on Wednesday (4 January), sees Fischer team up with Steve Rogers to help bring various heroes back together after a mysterious calamity pulled them apart. During the preview, Rogers praises Fischer for “doing the good work” and helping to save those in need. Along with other iconic characters, … Read more

COMIC BOOKS: 2022 Pride Covers Revealed

Marvel DC 2022 Pride Covers

Marvel and DC Comics have revealed their special edition covers for Pride Month 2022. The comic book juggernauts will release new Pride anthologies alongside variants of classic covers featuring beloved characters. Marvel’s Voices: Pride will be released on 15 June and features a lineup of LGBT+ writers and artists. The special edition will give fans the chance to explore and celebrate the LGBT+ community through stories set in the main Marvel Universe. This includes new heroes alongside D-Man, Hercules, Moondragon and more, with Alyssa Wong, Danny Lore and Christopher Cantwell among the creatives behind the issue. Full Story from Pink … Read more