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New Release: The Northern Route – Walter Robinson

The Northern Route - Walter Robinson

Walter Robinson has a new queer sci-fi book out (gay, lesbian), SVF book one: The Northern Route. In the distant star cluster Messier 4, the vast and stagnant civilization of the Apeilous sits on the verge of its next great expansion. Several massive corporations have merged to start the Endeavor, the most far-reaching economic and humanitarian effort in history. Vesta Amore leads a small team of private security specializing in the protection of whistleblowers and corporate defectors. She has no interest in the Endeavor until she is swept off her feet by the suave leader of the Fortuna Corp, an equal … Read more

FOR READERS: How Long is Too Long?

rulers - pixabay

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Scott: I’m reading an epic sci-fi cli-fi tale, and while I’m enjoying it, it’s taking forever to get through it at 656 pages. So how long is too long for you in a novel, and what’s just about right? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Chat on FacebookChat on MeWe

Lewis Padgett’s “Mutant,” Jewelle Gomez’ “Gilda” – Boogieman in Lavender

Jeff Baker

LGBT people are regarded as “the Other,” and sci-fi and fantasy specializes in characters who are “the Other.” And “the Other” is often perceived as a metaphor or stand in for minorities and the oppressed. Queer people were not a regular topic of public discourse in the closeted world of the Golden Age of Science Fiction of the ‘30s through the 50s. And in this world, two very heterosexual writers wrote a series of stories about a very science-fictional form of “the Other.” Beginning with the story “The Piper’s Son” in February 1945, Lewis Padgett told of a near-future group … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Parliament of Twilight Episode 1 Rerelease, by Dani Hermit and Nevi Star

Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1

QSFer Dani Hermit and Nevi Star have a rereleased MM fantasy/horror book out: This is the first installment of an on-going series that spans the genres of horror, scifi, humor, mystery, fantasy and many others with characters that run the gamut of sexuality and gender identity. What do a TV ghost hunter, a fading Broadway icon, a CEO and his son, a bored assassin, and a whole host of other delightfully damaged and deranged characters have in common? The Parliament of Twilight binds them all from the shadows. The men of this deliciously Yaoi-inspired world fall in and out of … Read more

For Writers: Extending a Short Story

Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer LV Lloyd: How do you turn a great short story into a great novel? Is it even a good idea to try? Do you address the new story by cutting, pasting and expanding the short or by writing a completely fresh story, just using the short idea as a springboard? What have you tried and has it worked for you? Join the chat

Starting a New Trilogy

I’ve decided to take the advice of my friend Jackson Cordd and let one of my short stories become a novel. Well, actually, three novels. It started out as a story fragment I’d written years ago, and picked up again last year to work on. It decided at first that it wanted to be a novel, and then finally that it wanted to be a trilogy – the first time I;ve sat down to plan out a three book arc. I’d written about 12,000 words when I stopped work a couple months ago on it to focus on some other … Read more