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Power Rangers Gets New Non-Binary Villain

Death Ranger

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is about to get a new non-binary villain called the Death Ranger, somehow making the series even queerer. The black-and-gold clad ranger will be the main antagonist of Power Rangers Unlimited: The Death Ranger #1. The one-shot comic published by BOOM! Studios will be the origin story for the Omega Rangers, the ancient team of Rangers who used the elements to battle cosmic threats. Full Story from Pink News

TV: Tessa Rao Speaks Out About Playing Queer Power Ranger

Tessa Rao - Power Rangers

Power Rangers Dino Fury star Tessa Rao has spoken out about the experience of playing the first ever LGBT+ Ranger in the franchise’s television history. The show’s move to Netflix is bringing the world of Power Rangers to a whole new generation. At the same time, Power Rangers is making unprecedented steps in LGBT+ representation with the Green Ranger, Izzy Garcia. In a recent Dino Fury episode, Garcia is depicted holding hands with her girlfriend in a touching but casual display of every day affection. Speaking about the experience of playing Izzy to, Rao, 23, revealed: “It means so … Read more

TV: Power Ranger Confirmed as Queer in New Series

Power Rangers

Power Rangers has introduced its first queer ranger in a landmark moment for LGBT+ representation on television. The series, titled Power Rangers Dino Fury, is currently airing on Nickelodeon – and fans were blown away to see that Izzy, the Green Ranger, was confirmed as queer in a recent episode. In episode 13 of Power Rangers Dino Fury, titled “The Matchmaker”, Izzy came out as a member of the LGBT+ community in a heartfelt scene that saw her holding hands romantically with Fern, played by Jacqueline Joe. The scene ends with the other rangers watching on with pride as Izzy … Read more

TV: Original Blue Power Ranger is Gay, Survivor of Conversion Therapy

David Yost

Many fans of the iconic 90s kids’ show Power Rangers may be unaware that the original blue Power Ranger, played by David Yost, is both gay and a survivor of conversion therapy. Yost, who played Billy Cranston, has spoken publicly in the past about his grim ordeal, which also included alleged bullying on-set. His statements about conversion therapy cropped up again this week on social media as part of the ongoing backlash against the UK government’s inaction when it comes to banning conversion therapy in the UK. Boris Johnson’s government has come under increasing pressure over what’s seen as their failure to follow … Read more

Power Rangers Reboot May Include Trans Ranger

Poer Rangers reboot

It’s mighty morphin’ time for the LGBT+ community, as new reports suggest that the upcoming Power Rangers reboot will feature a trans ranger. Fresh from the series’ Twitter account coming out as a mega-Lady Gaga stan, the Paramount Studio’s relaunch will be helmed by End of the F***ing World director Jonathan Entwistle. Rumours have begun to swirl around the new series which, sources familiar to the show say, will feature a more diverse cast. New Power Rangers reboot will feature gay and trans rangers, sources say. One of the rangers, the source stated according to We Got This Covered, will … Read more

Power Rangers Stan Lady Gaga

Power Rangers Stan Lady Gaga

In a news story that can only be described as peak 2020, the Power Rangers have come out as a serious Lady Gaga stan account. The Power Rangers tweeted their undying devotion to Gaga on Wednesday. Tasked with protecting the Earth from intergalactic doom, the mighty morphing bunch are also out to protect the world from both devastation and from letting “Stupid Love” – Gaga’s first solo single in four years – flop. Responding to one of the teasers Gaga tweeted about the then-impending music video drop, the Power Rangers account hit back: “Not sure if we should fight this … Read more

A Power Rangers Wedding Proposal

Power Rangers Proposal

When one guy wanted to propose to his boyfriend, there was only one way to make it truly them: cosplay as Power Rangers. James and Anthony wore the cult TV show suits as they got engaged in a viral video posted on Facebook. ‘You guys know that Anthony and I never do anything mediocre, we always have to be over-the-top!’ James said. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News