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POLL: Is it “OK” for Santa to Be Gay?

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Fewer than half of the respondents in a new poll said that they thought it was “acceptable” for Santa Claus to be depicted as gay. A YouGov poll asked 1714 adults in the U.K. whether they thought it would be acceptable or unacceptable for Santa to be depicted as being of a certain identity, like Black, Middle Eastern, female, or gay. 23% of people said that it’s “unacceptable” to portray St. Nick as Black, 22% said the same about a Middle Eastern Santa, and 41% said that it’s unacceptable to portray Santa as gay. The most unacceptable identity for Santa, … Read more

survey: One in Four Queer Youth Uses Non-Binary Pronouns

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One in four LGBT+ youth use pronouns other than he/him and she/her, according to research by a leading charity. The study indicates that LGBT+ young people are increasingly finding different ways to express their gender identities and that many are opting for a mix of pronouns. The survey, conducted by The Trevor Project, found that 75 per cent of LGBT+ young people exclusively use either he/him or she/her pronouns. Meanwhile, 25 per cent use gender neutral pronouns such as they/them, either exclusively or as a combination with other pronouns. Full Story from Pink News