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New Release: The House of Ash – Hayden Thorne

The House of Ash - Hayden Thorne

QSFer Hayden Thorne has a new MM historical fantasy/gothic horror book out: The House of Ash. A dark and deadly curse haunts a dying family, manifesting itself with neither rhyme nor reason in its frequency except for its victim: a male child who will then be born without a soul. Living in a great house designed specifically for entrapment, monsters and the women who become reluctant champions for their children carry on a tragic cycle shaped by an inexplicable mystery. And every final confrontation between the tainted and the protector is recorded in an old journal—a bloodstained volume handed down … Read more

New Release: Vampire Food – Holly Day

Vampire Food - Holly Day

QSFer Holly Day has a new MM paranormal romance out: Vampire Food. A former blood slave. A strapping vampire. More zucchinis than any man could eat. Rue Yarrow was rescued from a blood bar and taken to a gated community of supernaturals. Haunted by nightmares and memories, he does his best to avoid people. His only solace is his garden, where he uses his magic to grow an abundance of vegetables. But one day, it isn’t the zucchinis greeting him, but a severed human head. Noah Caramine wants as little drama as possible, and interfering with a vampire clan’s business … Read more

New Release: Witch – Mell Eight

Witch - Mell Eight

QSFer Mell Eight has a new MM paranormal romance out, Witch’s Circle book 3: Witch. Kana spent his life hiding from those who might take advantage of his power. Now that he’s living with his lover, werewolf Alpha Ember, hiding is impossible. However, living in the open means accepting the inherent risks. Kana hopes he and Ember together are strong enough to survive whatever might come. Then a new witch moves to town. Dealing with the witch should be the most important thing for Kana, the pack, and their allies, but something else is lurking in the shadows—something dark, and … Read more

New Release: Lochlan – Edward Kendrick

Lochlan - Edward Kendrick

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM fantasy book out: Lochlan. Mage Roland sends Lochlan, his adopted son and apprentice, to a distant city to steal a valuable item — a relatively simple task for a thief with Lochlan’s skills. On his journey, Lochlan meets two commoners will soon play an important part in his life — Garratt and his sister, Maurenn, who Garratt is escorting to meet her betrothed. At first, the young men dislike each other but they are thrown together again when Garratt discovers why Lochlan is in the city and convinces him that he can help … Read more

New Release: Must Be Clowning Me – Charity Parkerson

Must Be Clowning Me - Charity Parkerson

QSFer Charity Parkerson has a new fun MM paranormal book out: Must Be Clowning Me. All Jake wants is a fresh start. He REALLY gets his wish. Now he’s trapped for eternity as a night dweller. Only Jake could get attacked by a vampire clown the moment he moves his therapy practice to New Orleans. Fortunately, the town is rife with supernatural clients to keep his business afloat. But life has always enjoyed a good laugh at Jake’s expense, and he can’t stop thinking about one client in particular. The vampire who found him and saved him. Having a vampire … Read more

Review: Consecrated Ground – Virginia Black

Consecrated Ground - Virginia Black

Genre: Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Reviewer: Beáta Get It On Amazon About The Book Consecrated Ground is a multiracial lesbian paranormal tour de force that will leave you wary of the shadows and absolutely breathless. Like her father before her, Joan Matthews is a witch. For generations, their family of binder witches has protected Calvert, Oregon from vampires by strengthening the land with spellcraft. Pushing back against tradition, Joan defied her father and left town to become a war witch, one who fights the monsters hand-to-hand. But when her father dies, Joan returns to find her hometown assailed by a … Read more

New Release: Cosmic Cardio – Charity Parkerson

Cosmic Cardio

QSFer Charity Parkerson has a new MM comedic paranormal book out, Once Upon a Bite book 2: Cosmic Cardio. Cosmos feels like he’s just found himself. Then a young vamp rips everything away from him. Now he must get his revenge. In his twenties, Cosmos fluttered around, doing every odd job imaginable. Only recently has he discovered his passion: fitness. He’s started his spin class, Cosmic Cardio, and—for the first time—everything in his life feels complete. Until one bite at a club ruins everything. Now, there’s only one thing Cosmos can do to reclaim his pride. He has to find … Read more

New release: The Vampire’s War – Damian Serbu

The Vampire's War - Damian Serbu

QSFer Damian Serbu has a new MM paranormal book out, Realm of the Vampire Council book 5: Vampire’s War. War brews among vampires. Facing extinction at the hands of an ancient one, the Vampire Council plods along with a secret strategy. Jaret Bachmann, both vampire and witch, fears the Council elders move too slowly. He has the power to assist them in defeating their enemy, but the longer they keep him at arm’s length the more defiant he becomes. He’s already pushing the boundaries to assert his will when tragedy strikes, devastating him and compelling him to become even more … Read more

REVIEW: The Family Martell – Edward Kendrick

The Family Martell - Edward kendrick

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Bisexual, Gay Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Dorian and Cecily had been alive for several centuries, and married for well over one-hundred years. When they decided they wanted a family, they did what any sensible vampires would and adopted three human children. They waited until each was old enough to understand before revealing what they were, and then gave them the choice to be turned once they were twenty-one. Of course, being sensible children, they each agreed they wanted to become vampires as well. Griff, the oldest, … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: Illuminated – Alexa Piper

Illuminated - Alexa Piper

QSFer Alexa Piper has a new MM paranormal / dark fantasy book out: Illuminated. And there’s a giveaway. Ethan is a photographer who loves the interplay of light and shadow in his work and what it reveals. While working on his latest project, he finds himself at an abandoned church after nightfall. Lured by the prospect of capturing something unique with his camera, he ventures inside. What Ethan discovers in that forgotten place is not what he expected. Instead of sights unseen for decades, Ethan finds a man — bleeding, hurt, and in need of help. What Ethan doesn’t know … Read more