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Kickstarter: Alpha Hole Prison Videogame

Alpha Hole Prison

Y Press Games, the company that always delivers crowdfunding rewards on time, has a gay space prison dating sim raising funds on Kickstarter. The adults only visual novel Alpha Hole Prison stars a lost Earth astronaut sentenced to life in a notorious men’s prison.  Miguel’s only hope for survival is to find a strong boyfriend to protect him.  Several good aliens are available for him to choose from.  If he doesn’t pick someone, he’ll become the prey of the vicious cannibal Viz-Goth.  There are five inmate love interests and one guard.  Major side characters also offer Miguel the chance for intimacy.  In the end, will Miguel accept his … Read more

Tomb Raider Comic Writer Tried to Make Lara Croft Explicitly Queer

Lara Croft

The creator of a Tomb Raider comic tried “so hard” to make Lara Croft explicitly queer – but a planned kiss somehow became just a hug instead. Tomb Raider: Inferno co-writer Jackson Lanzing revealed the abandoned plot point on Twitter, but declined to explain why Lara Croft’s queerness ended up on the scrap heap. Queer fans of the video games have pined for a romance between Lara and her best friend Sam for years, while many believe their relationship is a classic example of queercoding. But the romance has never become canon – even though comic book writers tried to … Read more

Queer Black Furry SonicFox Named Outsports Non-Binary Person of the Year


Queer black furry e-sports champion SonicFox has been named the first-ever Non-Binary Person of the Year by Outsports. The gamer, real name Dominique McLean, is the first person to win the new Outsports category and is also the first person from e-sports to win one of Outsports’ LGBT+ sports awards. SonicFox is sponsored by Echo Fox, and they came out as gay in August 2018 – by tweeting “I’m gay” minutes after winning a world champion gaming title. Full Story From Pink News

Drag Race-Themed Cards Against Rumanity Launched

Cards Against Rumanity

Drag Race fans rejoice! You can now play popular party game Cards Against Humanity RuPaul style. Similar to Apples to Apples, the NSFW card game has been a big hit at parties in recent years. Cards Against Humanity has released themed expansion packs in the past, including a 90s themed nostalgia one, a ‘Geek Pack,’ a cannabis-themed one, and more. The game Aptly called Cards Against Rumanity, the game is available on Amazon. However, it seems to be unaffiliated with the original game. Though the game is currently sold out, it retails at about $30. By Rafaella Gunz – Full … Read more