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Announcement: Flax’s Pursuit, by Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn

Flax's Pursuit

QSFers Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn have a new fantasy book out: A murderer haunts the city, turning the unwary to stone. Between hunting this evil and corralling new arrivals, Flax struggles to guard both his life and his heart. Quinn and Valerian have come through the trials of facing an undead lich queen and the perils of falling in love. Now they work to restore AURA to its previous strength and efficiency while navigating their new life with each other. Fortunately, they’re not in this alone. Kai Hiltas has taken over as the head of the research department at … Read more

Promotions Week: Where to Get Started / Making a Schedule

Promotions Week

It’s time for another theme week at Queer Sci Fi. This time around, we’re talking promo. :) If you’re an author, you’re gonna have to promote your work at some point. And if you’re like me, you’re fairly new to the whole process, and the thought of it strikes terror in your bones. Fear not – we’re hear to help. All this week, we’ll be talking shop, asking questions and sharing info. Here are our topics for the week: Promotions Week: Where to Get Started – making a schedule Promotions Week: What to include – Guest Post vs. Announcement vs. … Read more

Announcement: The Monolith, by Albert Nothlit

The Momolith

QSFer Albert Nothlit has a new Sci Fi book out: A surgeon’s hands are his livelihood, but what if they are rendered useless by pain? It started with gentle tremors and slight exhaustion after a long day in the OR. Mark ignored the signs, and now overuse and repetitive stress have rendered his hands practically useless. It hurts even to brush his teeth. For Mark, it seems his career is over just a couple years after it began. He sinks deeper into depression with each day, and he doesn’t have high hopes for the weeklong stay in the physiotherapy clinic … Read more

Me Me Monday!

Welcome to ME ME MONDAY at our FB discussion group – your chance to pop in and tell us about your latest success. Have a new book or short story coming out? Let us know. Just sell something? Let us know so we can cheer you on. HOW IT WORKS: I’ll pin this topic to the top of our FB discussion page for the day. –Please post your announcement as a separate post, so I can also share it over to our FB page (as opposed to this discussion group). –If you want, send me your book announcement info at … Read more

Announcement: Running With the Wind, by Shira Anthony

Running With the Wind

QSFer Shira Anthony has a new Fantasy MM novel book out: With the final confrontation between the island and mainland Ea factions looming, Taren and Ian sail with Odhrán to investigate a lost colony of merfolk in the Eastern Lands. Upon their arrival, the King of Astenya welcomes them as friends. Odhrán, however, isn’t so quick to trust the descendent of the man who held him prisoner for nearly a decade, especially now that he has someone to cherish and protect—the mysterious winged boy he rescued from the depths. Armed with the knowledge he believes will save the Ea, Taren … Read more

Discussion: Making it All Up


Today’s topic comes from QSFer Blaine D. Arden: “What are your favourite things to make up while writing SciFi/Fantasy/Paranormal? (not counting magic, but not quite excluding it, either)” One of the best parts of being a writer is being able to make up things. New worlds. New ideas. New turns of phrase. It gets the creative juices flowing, churns the imagination. Only later do you get into the soul-grinding process of churning out the actual written word. So let’s hear it – what do you like to make up? Come join the discussion!

F/F Authors Rule the World! (Or at least QSF) Part 2!

QSF’er Anastasia Vitsky is guest-posting today for our F/F celebration! Take it away, Ana! Queer Sci Fi has become one of my favorite places to hang out on the internet. There’s no drama, no silly games, and no endless advertising. Instead, we have honest-to-goodness discussions every day. Civil discussions! Thoughtful discussions! I love Queer Sci Fi. I don’t, however, love some of the comments people have occasionally made about F/F speculative fiction. (“What’s F/F?” you ask? Case in point.) A while back, QSF hosted a discussion about overused tropes in F/F fiction. The responses ranged from, “Is there even enough … Read more

Discussion: F/F Authors Rule the World (or at Least QSF)

Lesbian Couple

For today’s discussion, we’re thrilled to host our first F/F takeover of the QSF discussion group. Today is your chance to talk all things F/F and speculative fiction. Have a favorite book or author? Tell us about it. Do you write F/F? Tell us about that too. We talk about M/M fiction here all the time, so it’s time to turn the tables. Come join the discussion!

Rita Mae Brown “Not Interested” in Being Gay

How can any of us queer scribes not be interested in being LGBT? In 2008, I told my progressive, hetero cousin that I was a Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Writer Fellow. It was an honor, but not the Nobel Prize, and I wasn’t expecting thunderous applause. I was surprised, though, when she asked, meaning no ill, “Do you want to be known as a gay writer?” I was reminded of this when Rita Mae Brown, author of the landmark lesbian novel “Rubyfruit Jungle” (released in 1973), received the Pioneer Award on June 1 at the 27th Lambda Literary Awards in … Read more

Announcement: Reclamation, by Lissa Kasey


QSFer Lissa Kasey has a new Fantasy book out: Seiran Rou did the unthinkable to save his own life—he killed someone with magic. Now he’s haunted by the deed, and his internal troubles are ripping apart his newly strengthened relationship with Gabe. And the Dominion still wants him to toe the line and produce an heir. After receiving threatening e-mails, phone calls, and vandalism that all seem to stem from another dead man from Sei’s tormented youth, Matthew Pierson, Sei thinks he’s going crazy and realizes he needs help. He turns to a Dominion-recommended psychiatrist. But the past has already … Read more