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New Release: Devin’s Dreams – D. C. Wilkinson

Devin's Dreams - D. C. Wilkinson

QSFer D.C. Wilkinson has a new queer historical fantasy out: Devin’s Dreams. Devin Sharp, a gentle-natured boy, has trouble sleeping. Recurring visions of strangers moving among shadows in his bedroom keep waking him at night. He swears that what he sees and hears is real. To no avail. No one believes him. An older sibling taunts him. “Silly dreams,” she says. But are they? Coming of age as a gay teen in the seventies, Devin’s sleep issues are just one more secret safely locked up in his closet. But not for long. Freshman year in college brings a measure of … Read more

New Release: Mercury Rising – R.W.W. Greene

New Release: Mercury Rising - R.W.W. Greene

QSFer R.W.W. Greene has a new queer alt-history sci-fi book out: Mercury Rising. Alternative history with aliens, an immortal misanthrope and SF tropes aplenty The year is 1975 – Robert Oppenheimer has invented the Atomic Engine, the first human has walked on the moon, and Jet Carson and the Eagle Seven have sacrificed their lives to stop alien invaders. Brooklyn, however, just wants to keep his head down, pay his mother’s rent, earn a little scratch of his own, and maybe get laid sometime. Simple pleasures! But life is about to get real complicated when a killer with a baseball … Read more