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Justified - Mell Eight

QSFer Mell Eight has a new MM Paranormal book out, Magnified book 2: Justified. And they’re a giveaway! The world of vampires and werewolves is in upheaval. The magical community is under attack by a great evil force set to destroy them all and Aaron, their strongest fighter, is oblivious to all around him, his nose glued to his spell book. Yani has given up hope in getting Aaron back on track. He knows he instead has to focus on his own future and the lives of those he loves, even if it means losing Aaron, the love of his … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Dawning – Mychael Black

Dawning - Mychael Black

Mychael Black has a new MM paranormal/dark fantasy romance out, Fae-ry Tales book 4: Dawning. And there’s a giveaway! What is it they say? No good deed goes unpunished? Ren is on the run. His people have aligned themselves with every known mage cabal in the country to rise up and overrun the world above. As the head of House Daturi, he’d been expected to follow the other Houses and lead his own into war. Except he has no desire to fight — with anyone. Now he has two choices: fall in line or die as a traitor. Neither seems … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cupid’s Ax – K.A. Masters

Cupid's Ax - K.A. Masters

QSFer K.A. Masters has a new queer fantasy romance out, sequel to Not an Angel, But a Cupid: “Cupid’s Ax.” A traumatic event in his childhood keeps Tuxtax from being able to shift into his were-griffin form. Ashamed of his looks and terrified of rejection, he spends his life in seclusion, with his sister Eleuthereia and centaur friend Rixa as his only connections to the outside world. Even though Tuxtax yearns to be with the elfin soulmate he had met before the accident, the vanth’s insecurity and self-doubt keep him from reaching out. But now Rixa needs his help. Tuxtax joins … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Time Bomb, by R.M. Olson

Time Bomb

QSFer R.M. Olson has a new bi/lesbian space opera book out, The Ungovernable book three: “Time Bomb.” Someone’s hunting the Ungovernable. And they’re not going to stop until every one of the crew is dead. When an enemy from ex-smuggler pilot Jez’s past reappears, determined to extract revenge, the crew of the Ungovernable have two options: fight, or run. But when a hyperjump gone wrong leaves the Ungovernable crippled, her weapons down and her cloaking disabled, their options become scarce indeed. As they scramble to repair the ship with rapidly-dwindling supplies and even more rapidly-dwindling oxygen, their pursuers are inexorably … Read more