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Theater: Iconic Black and White Image Graces Tube Stations for Black Superhero Play

Black Superhero

Across tube stations in London right now, there’s an image that might catch you off guard. Two Black men, one shirtless, embracing each other in a defiant display of queerness. “It was really important to me to have an image for this play that was unashamedly, unapologetically Black and queer,” says actor, writer and Olivier Award nominee Danny Lee Wynter. “How many times do you see a picture on the underground of two black men being intimate?” He’s sitting in the bar area of the capital’s Royal Court Theatre, the same theatre in which he used to work as an … Read more

UK Play Review: Black Superhero

Black Superhero Play

Danny Lee Wynter and Dyllón Burnside (Pose) star in Black Superhero, an ambitious, sexy play about a queer life in crisis. David (Wynter, who also writes Black Superhero) is a queer, Black actor whose chances for greatness are fading as he nears 40. His distinct lack of fame and fortune is made all the more stark by the world-conquering success of his friend King (Dyllón Burnside, Pose’s Ricky). Known to the public as the Marvel-eqsue superhero, Craw, King is every inch the heartthrob – and it’s clear from the off that David’s feelings for his friend are complicated. When King … Read more

In Other Oscar News: First Openly Queer BIPOC Woman Wins

Ariana DeBose - Twitter

Ariana DeBose has made history by becoming the first openly queer woman of colour to win an Oscar for her towering performance in West Side Story. DeBose beat out stiff competition from Jessie Buckley, Aunjanue Ellis, Kirsten Dunst and Judi Dench to take home the prize. Her win comes 60 years after Rita Moreno won in the same category for her portrayal of Anita in the original film adaptation of West Side Story in 1962. “What is this?” an emotional Ariana DeBose said on stage at the Dolby Theatre. “You know what, now you see why Anita says ‘I want … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Incompletely Human – Sean S. Bell

Incompletely Human - Sean S. Bell

QSFer Sean S. Bell has a new queer superhero tale out: Incompletely Human. Seventeen-year-old Oliver Thibodeaux (TIB-ə-doh) has been in foster care since birth. As a normalishBlack queer teen in search of a safe home, Oliver’s telekinetic and telepathic abilities move him from place to place. For years he has been taught to suppress his vast abilities for the safety of himself and others. But everything changes when he meets Roman Peterson: the kindest and strongest guy he has ever met. For once, Oliver feels a sense of belonging. Through father issues, love, and all things super-powered, Oliver has to … Read more

Why is Space So Black?

space - pixabay

Look up at the night sky with your own eyes, or marvel at images of the universe online, and you’ll see the same thing: the inky, abysmal blackness of space, punctuated by bright stars, planets or spacecraft. But why is it black? Why isn’t space colorful, like the blue daytime sky on Earth? Surprisingly, the answer has little to do with a lack of light. “You would think that since there are billions of stars in our galaxy, billions of galaxies in the universe and other objects, such as planets, that reflect light, that when we look up at the … Read more

Lashana Lynch to Be the New Black, Lesbian 007

Lashana Lynch

Out actor Lashana Lynch has confirmed that she will be the new 007 in the James Bond universe. The lesbian actor will portray Nomi, a Black lesbian secret agent, in the long-running franchise. According to the rumor mill, James Bond will die at the end of the upcoming movie, passing the title of 007 to Nomi. No Time to Die will be the 25th Bond film; until now the super spy has always been portrayed by a white man. Rumors have circulated for over a year that Lynch would earn the 007 title, and insecure white men quickly started attacking the Captain … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Expression: Telepaths Rising – Colin D. Vaughn

Expression: Telepaths Rising - Colin D. Vaughn

Colin D. Vaughn has a new queer multi-racial sci fi book out: “Expression: Telepaths Rising.” And there’s a giveaway! It’s the year 2113. Telepaths are real. They’re exalted. Feared. Hunters. Hunted. Kingmakers and slaves. With his expression, Ken is catapulted into the ranks of a tiny elite. With immense telepathic potential, he will have to learn how to use his powers and whom to trust. And quickly. Because there are enemies, both within and without, and they’re not going to wait. Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CAN Giveaway Colin is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card with this tour: a Rafflecopter … Read more

Bi Actor To be the First Black Batwoman

Javicia Leslie - twitter

Bisexual actor Javicia Leslie has been revealed as the first-ever Black Batwoman, picking up the cape and mantle from Ruby Rose. Rose quit Batwoman in May, stunning fans by announcing her departure from the queer superhero show after just one season. The TV star had blazed a trail with the CW show, playing the out-and-proud vigilante Kate Kane, who takes on the titular superhero mantle. In June, a leaked casting call showed that the show was looking to cast a character named Ryan Wilder, creating a new Batwoman rather than recasting Kate Kane. Full Story from Pink News

REVIEW: Catfish Lullaby, by A.C. Wise

Catfish Lullaby - A.C. Wise

Title: Catfish Lullaby Author: A.C. Wise Genre: Horror, Folklore, Eldritch, Southern LGBTQ+ Category: MM, Cis Publisher: Broken Eye Books Pages: 118 Reviewer: Dan Get It On Amazon About The Book Small town secrets lead to trouble for everyone as Caleb must confront the demons of his past in this Southern Gothic queer cosmic horror, a tale of weird magic and monsters on the bayou. LEWIS IS A TOWN OF SECRETS The Royce family has been a plague on the small, Southern town of Lewis for generations. Caleb has heard rumors about the family his whole life, just like he’s heard … Read more

SCIENCE: Scientists Invent Really Black Stuff

black coating

On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, a team of artists and scientists have made a 16.78-carat diamond — valued at more than $2 million — disappear. Granted, denizens of the Stock Exchange are no strangers to making vast amounts of wealth vanish, but this time the scientists are doing the heavy lifting. Working with artist Diemut Strebe, a team of researchers from MIT covered the shimmering yellow diamond in a newly discovered type of carbon nanotube coating that turns 3D objects into black, almost 100% light-free voids. According to the researchers, who described the coating in a … Read more