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Theater: Iconic Black and White Image Graces Tube Stations for Black Superhero Play

Black Superhero

Across tube stations in London right now, there’s an image that might catch you off guard. Two Black men, one shirtless, embracing each other in a defiant display of queerness. “It was really important to me to have an image for this play that was unashamedly, unapologetically Black and queer,” says actor, writer and Olivier Award nominee Danny Lee Wynter. “How many times do you see a picture on the underground of two black men being intimate?” He’s sitting in the bar area of the capital’s Royal Court Theatre, the same theatre in which he used to work as an … Read more

UK Play Review: Black Superhero

Black Superhero Play

Danny Lee Wynter and Dyllón Burnside (Pose) star in Black Superhero, an ambitious, sexy play about a queer life in crisis. David (Wynter, who also writes Black Superhero) is a queer, Black actor whose chances for greatness are fading as he nears 40. His distinct lack of fame and fortune is made all the more stark by the world-conquering success of his friend King (Dyllón Burnside, Pose’s Ricky). Known to the public as the Marvel-eqsue superhero, Craw, King is every inch the heartthrob – and it’s clear from the off that David’s feelings for his friend are complicated. When King … Read more

Was Joan of Arc Non-Binary?

Joan of Arc

As a new production reimagining Joan of Arc as a gender non-conforming hero sparks predictable backlash, historian Florence Scott explains why it’s impossible to define Joan’s gender through our modern lens. A new play at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, I, Joan, imagines Joan of Arc as a queer figure who uses they/them gender-neutral pronouns. Though simply an artistic interpretation of Joan that offers “the possibility of another point of view”, this portrayal has been considered controversial by those alarmed by the perceived de-gendering or re-gendering of a famous historical character as non-binary. Full Story from Pink News

THEATER: Dumbledore is So Gay (Streaming)

Dumbledore is So Gay

If you could revisit your own childhood, what would you change? For those whose past is buried under layers of homophobia, the answer is endless. This question is at the heart of Robert Holton’s play Dumbledore is So Gay, a coming-of-age time travel tale starring Alex Britt as Jack, a young Potterhead who’s discovering his sexuality when Dumbledore’s becomes a national talking point. The play opens on 12-year-old Jack in French class, his life rooted in a reality many of us will recognise: the word “gay” used as a thoughtless insult, the parents who refuse to watch Graham Norton on … Read more

Oscar Isaac Describes His 8″ Lightsaber – In a Play

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac left the entire internet dehydrated as he played an aggressively horny top in a benefit play reading. The actor, who played the sexually ambiguous Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, left fans shocked, hot and bothered with a one simple question. “Eight inches of dick ain’t enough for you, huh?” Before we all get carried away, it’s our duty to inform you that Isaac wasn’t offering up his own Star Destroyer. Rather, he was in character for a benefit play reading of Alan Browne’s Beirut, described by host MCC Theater as “raunchy, real, and poetic”. Indeed. Full Story at Pink News

New Play Looks at All Male Society and Male Pregnancy


What if women were extinct? What if men evolved to bear children — and invented “Feminism” as a religion, devoted to making the world hospitable for the second coming of the bygone sex? Such is the dystopian setting of writer-director Robert O’Hara’s ambitious but stalled new play Mankind, which opened off-Broadway at Playwrights Horizons last night. Though it’s more often men who are out of the picture, à la Wonder Woman’s Themyscira, single-sex societies are a familiar sci-fi trope. The question of men becoming pregnant is likewise well tread — Arnold Schwarzenegger tried it in Junior (1994), and scientists even … Read more

ENTERTAINMENT: Gandalf Returns

Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen is to bring Gandalf, his most iconic film role, to the stage for a new one-man show. The veteran actor will bring the wizard to life for a nine-performance charity run at London’s Park Theatre. Funds raised will go towards the upkeep of the small 200-seat theatre in Finsbury Park. He will also resurrect other famous characters from his 50-year career, such as Macbeth. It will have an interactive element, with its star inviting the audience to ask questions and act with him. The show is called Shakespeare, Tolkien, Others & You is already sold out – although the … Read more

Discussion: Pop Culture After the Apocalypse

Mr. Burns Play

Anyone see the play Mr. Burns? One of our local theaters put it on last season, and it was fascinating to me. Basically, there’s some kind of apocalypse, and some of the survivors gather and start recalling the details of an episode of the Simpsons. It’s a comforting bit of shared culture that literally helps them get through the night together. As the play moves forward in time, troupes form to perform remembered episodes, going so far as to pay people for remembered scenes or dialogue to complete each episode. And by the end, the Simpsons show has evolved and … Read more