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New Release / Giveaway: The Endless Sea Between Us – Lucy Mason

The Endless Sea Between Us - Lucy Moon

Lucy Mason has a new FF fantasy mermaid romance out: The Endless Sea Between Us. Five years ago, Faeryn Moss lost her family and home to a plague that swept her village. As the sole survivor, she was rumored to be a witch—a rumor she never denied because it was the truth. Ostracized and cast out in fear, she now lives a quiet life in a cave on the beach, alone with her magic and the only thing that never let her down, the only thing she loves: the sea. But when she sings up a storm borne from her … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: The Flying Mermaid – Eule Grey

The Flying Mermaid - Eule Grey

QSFer Eule Grey has a new YA sapphic fantasy novel out: The Flying Mermaid. And there’s a giveaway. Craw city has always been magical, at least to Luce. No boring war could ever make her love her seaside home any less. There’s the beach, where she and Adu can mess around and cause trouble, as well as the ancient songs they love to sing. Legends state that a vengeful mermaid named Sea Mother will protect the children from war. Why worry about politics and fighting? Nobody would risk the wrath of an angry sea serpent. Would they? So why are … Read more

New Release: A Soldiers & Mercenaries Duology – Kasia Bacon

A Soldiers & Mercenaries Duology - Kasia Bacon

QSFer Kasia Bacon has a new MM fantasy box set out (bi, gay): A Soldiers & Mercenaries Duology. There’s no stopping Love once it teams up with Magic! A Soldiers & Mercenaries Duology with Extra Content (Vol. 1-2) combines two standalone titles: Don’t Fight the Spark and When I First Saw Red. This 100k-word collection includes over 20k words of fun, bonus content. MM fantasy romance with kick-arse characters, steam and snark—all set in the alluring but perilous universe of the Order. Don’t Fight the Spark (Soldiers & Mercenaries #1): A nerd and jock romance with magic, adventure and a … Read more

New Release: A Touch of Unity – Nita Round

A Touch of Unity - Nita Round

QSFer Nita Round has a new queer fantasy steampunk book out (lesbian, poly), Towers of the Earth book 7: A Touch of Unity. Bring your people home, Ascara. Bring them home. The echoes of the betrayal continue to rumble throughout Veritas. Weeding out the rot is no simple task. Not when the roots of secrets and lies run so deep that they infect every part of the organisation. There are other matters of greater need, and time is running out. Covenants of tower and clan must be met. Lucinda must raise her last tower to complete her ascension pact to … Read more

New Release: The Blood Bride – Rae D. Magdon

The Blood Bride - Rae D. Magdon

Rae D. Magdon has a new FF fantasy book out: The Blood Bride. Valis Nyxera Aefbain, queen of the snow elves, must find a consort of magic blood as soon as possible. A dangerous secret slumbers beneath her palace and only a powerful ritual can keep her kingdom safe. Brynn Woodwarden, a wood elf with misfiring magical abilities, hates the snow elves. They killed her brother, Darrow, while poaching unicorns. But dangerous creatures prowl her forest home – twisted, rotted things that infect anyone they bite. The wood elves can’t fend them off alone. Only Brynn’s unique blood is suitable … Read more

New Release: Jasyn And The Astronauts: Under The Ice Skies – Gwenhyver

Jasyn and the Astronauts: Under The Ice Skies - Gwenhyver

QSFer Gwenhyver has a new FF sci-fantasy book out: Jasyn and the Astronauts: Under The Ice Skies. A sapphic swords & sorcery space adventure! On a planet infected by ice, the power to create more is the last thing anyone needs… JASYN is an explorer with a talent for reaching for the stars and upending weather systems with her emotions. She spends her days dreaming of adventure, hiding her power of ice, and definitely not thinking about what it’d feel like to be the snow on her best friend’s cheek. ATALANTA is an archer and a recluse with a skill … Read more

Review: In the Midst of Magic – Christian Cura

In the Midst of Magic - Christian Cura

Genre: Urban Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Lesbian Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book Meet Kara Hartman, a young photojournalist who is hiding her magic from the world. Traumatized by the death of her brother, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But just when she thought she could neglect her gift, it becomes apparent that the universe has other plans for her. When an old foe breaks out of prison hellbent on exacting vengeance, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her. The Review I remember from some class … Read more

New Release: Guardians – T.J. Baer

Guardians - T.J. Baer

QSFer T.J. Baer has a new FF YA Sci-Fantasy book out: Guardians. Seventeen-year-old Alisha Howard is having a rough day. She’s had to rescue her headstrong little brother from getting eaten by a monster from another dimension, her mom has put her on dish duty as punishment for bringing her sword to the table (again), and her lifelong enemy, snarky rich girl Belladonna, is starting to look like both a real human being and someone Alisha would like to kiss. To make matters worse, it looks like the world is about to end. Alisha is a Guardian, a sworn protector … Read more

New Release: Little Nothing – Dee Holloway

Little Nothing - Dee Holloway

QSFer Dee Holloway has a new sapphic historical fantasy out: Little Nothing. Two young women race to turn the tide in a Florida on the brink of civil war… Everyone knows that Jonnie trains and races the limerunners, the deadly water horses that live in the swamps and streams around the town of Sawgrass and that she’s got a way with them that none of the local men can match. And everyone suspects that while Bess works at her family’s inn, The Nag’s Head, she sews her little nothings, magic in every stitch, to protect her beloved Jonnie and their … Read more

New Release: Lucky Jinn – Eule Grey

Lucky Jinn - Eule Grey

QSFer Eule Grey has a new FF fantasy book out: Lucky Jinn. What’s a butch to do? Ignore everything she’s ever believed or listen to her heart? Straight-talking gardener, Shelly, doesn’t understand why her flowers refuse to bloom and why the weather won’t do as it should. Give her a square patch of earth and she’ll bring it to life. Hand over a power drill, and Shelley can knock together a fancy bedroom in under a day. Physical tasks are easy. If only people were as straightforward! The problems arise when she begins work on a garden near the sea. … Read more