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Review: Ministry of Alien Relations – Rebecca Cohen

Ministry of Alien Relations - Rebecca Cohen

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It At Amazon | Publisher | Universal Buy Link About The Book Devlin Taylor is Head of Settlement and Relocation for the British Government’s Ministry of Alien Relations. He’s more used to helping recently arrived aliens find new homes and pay their utility bills than babysitting extraterrestrial socialites, but he’s been assigned to look after Zal Catenmir, son of the Chroalian ambassador, during their diplomatic visit to Earth. Devlin is the perfect host and tour guide, and Zal loves the fuzziness of human males, while Devlin can’t seem to get enough of Zal’s scales and … Read more

New Release: Life-Line: Origins – Grant Edward Miller

Life Line: Origins - Grant Edward Miller

QSFer Grant Edward Miller has a new MM sci-fi romance out: Life-Line: Origins. Over a million years in the future, a desperate stowaway lies concealed in a space freighter’s cargo hold. Tam Amergan is bound for the prison world Corustloth, where his partner Brogan has been abducted. Ever since the Senate took over the planetary system decades earlier, gay men like Tam and Brogan—degens, as they are labeled under Senate rule—have been forced to live in secrecy. But Brogan is Tam’s life-line, bound to his soul in a ritual performed by a secret sisterhood of women with ancient, unknown designs. … Read more

Review: The Vitruvian Mask – BJ Sikes

The Vitruvian Mask

Genre: Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Alt History LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Non-Binary Reviewer: Tony Get It On Amazon About The Book 1881: The electric lights of Paris have been extinguished. The Naturalist revolution is over. Adelaide was on the losing side. Once the Royal Scientist Doctor for the now-dead cyborg monarchs of France, she’s now a fugitive, hiding from the new king’s Police Sécrète. Pregnant and alone, she seeks refuge in a Parisian hospital but things have changed there too. What was once a cathedral of Science is now a bastion of ignorance and superstition. The battlefield veterans whose Augmented prosthetics she … Read more

New Release: The Proposal for Unity – C.J. Dragon

The Proposal for Unity - C.J. Dragon

QSFer C.J. Dragon has a new MM sci-fi romance out, Daranii Alliance book 1: The Proposal for Unity. There was peace at last between Earth and Daran, despite the mixed feelings on both planets. At least Jon and Talin could visit now as allies, instead of former enemies, not to mention the trade opportunities waiting to grow. Jon should have known his joy would be short-lived. A call from his father informed him of a plague overtaking Earth, killing whomever it touches. Warned away by his parents, Jon is determined to do whatever he needs to aid them. Daran answers … Read more

Review: Ailuros – Matt Doyle

Ailuros - Matt Doyle

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Experimental LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Lesbian Reviewer: Damien Get It On Amazon About The Book #Begin *Ailuros* In the *present // future*, Alex and Josh must face *their own // a* monster if they are to salvage *their relationship // Ailuros Unit 23* ; These *are not* separate stories. The following report represents a summary of the incident involving the abandoned microgravity holiday destination, Ailuros Unit Twenty-Three, and the crew of the Salvagers Guild Three ship, The Orca. The report is comprised primarily of the official transcripts of both the aforementioned events on board the … Read more

Review: Magic, Monsters and Me – Timoteo Tong

Magic, Monsters, and Me - Timoteo Tong

Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Publisher | Amazon About The Book Sixteen-year-old Elijah Delomary loves the City of Angels. The sunshine, the palm trees, the ocean. He especially enjoys battling the monsters infesting the dark corners of the vast metropolis. As he starts his junior year at Burbank High School he meets a new friend, Austin who also fights monsters to keep Angelenos safe. As their friendship develops and love blooms, Elijah’s arch nemesis Devlina reappears, threatening to use magic to destroy the world. Elijah must now juggle pursuing his feelings for Austin, meeting the lofty … Read more

New Release: Garbage – Reese Morrison

Garbage - Reese Morrison

QSFer Reese Morrison has a new M-NB sci-fi romance out, the SPARK Files book 1: Garbage. Evan isn’t brave. But when he hears a group of Human Firsters attacking a humanoid garbage collection bot, he has to step in. He rescues an undiscovered SPARK, a self-aware android who’s never experienced life outside of his collection route and the miserable, gray trash depot. Evan wants to help. But he might have underestimated just how cute Quincy can be. Or just how difficult it would be living with a sexy android who’s exactly his type. But if Evan couldn’t get his crappy … Read more

New Release: The Tendire Gate – Ashavan Doyon

The Tendire Gate - Ashavan Doyon

QSFer Ashavan Doyon has a new MM dystopian sci-fi book out: The Tendire Gate. After Doomsday, there wasn’t much left—a world that had fallen apart. It hadn’t been enough to boil the oceans and raze the surface with fire. With that scorched earth had come a final solution, the contagion. In a world where every breath was ash and disease, few survived. The Imperium hunted them, extracting healthy flesh to extend the life of the powerful. All the while, soaring unseen, the tools of an old order search. Hidden far from the sight of the ruthless Imperium, deep beneath the … Read more

New Release: Binary Stars: Constellations #1

Binary Stars: Constellations #1

Space Fruit Press has a new queer sci-fi romance anthology out (bi, gay, gender fluid, lesbian, non-binary): Binary Stars: Constellations #1. Binary Constellations #1 is the first sci-fi LGBTQ+ anthology from Space Fruit Press, featuring four stories of intergalactic romance. From a shady bar on the wrong side of the asteroid field, to a royal wedding that gets a rude interruption, to two rival lawyers going deep in the archives, to a formal treaty ceremony that heads in an unexpected direction — these tales of space-age hijinks prove that there is steam in outer space. The title refers to the … Read more

New Release: Spaceships & Other Trips – Raven Oak

Space Ships & Other Trips - Raven Oak

QSFer Raven Oak has a new sci-fi queer short story collection out (Gay, Non-Binary, Trans FTM): Space Ships and Other Trips. Part II of this debut collection by multi-award-winning author and artist Raven Oak brings together speculative fiction stories from the past ten years of her career, ranging from space adventures with a dash of mystery and other near-future tales to post-apocalyptic stories and deep dives into the mind. You’ll find closed-ship mysteries, foul-acting apps, talking cats, retail hell, and hacked programs in these ELEVEN speculative fiction pieces. Space Ships & Other Trips contains FIVEnever-before seen stories for your enjoyment, including a tie-in story from … Read more