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New Release: Consortium – Gina A. Pond

Consortium - Gina A. Pond

QSFer Gina A. Pond has a new queer sci-fi book out, Survey book 4: Consortium. What if first contact happened, and nobody even noticed? Light-years away, years ago, something insignificant … Read more

New Release: Survey – Gina A. Pond

Survey - Gina Pond

QSFer Gina A. Pond has a new queer hard sci fi book out book out, Survey series book 1: Survey. This is the start of something huge.Kiah Hasan, a young, … Read more

New Release: Of Mycelium and Men – William C. Tracy

Of Mycelium and Men

QSFer William C. Tracy has a new queer hard sci-fi book out: Of Mycelium and Men. Lida was their last chance for an uncolonized planet. But a world-spanning fungus had … Read more