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ANNOUNCEMENT: Vessel of Starfire – Allison Carr Waechter

Vessel Of Starfire - Allison Carr Waechter

QSFer Allison Carr Waechter has a new queer sci-fantasy romance out: Vessel of Starfire. SISTER. ASSASSIN. VESSEL. Echo Rodrigal isn’t just a survivor; she’s a success. But in a land where the law is there are no laws, the terms of success rest on a knife’s edge, and Echo’s luck is about to change. The Vindicata are one of the top vengeance crews in the Ten Realms of Interra. Their oaths to only commit crimes of justice have earned them the respect of their peers. But the Vindicata are more than a crew, they’re a family. And ever since they … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Entity – Toshi Drake

Entity - Toshi Drake

QSFer Toshi Drake has a new gay sci-fi book out: Entity. Lieutenant Michael Collins’s week just went to hell. The suspicious actions of his captain escalates as he orders Michael to investigate a dead ship’s heart—the cephalopods that pilot the star drive system. The mission forces Michael from the safety of his ship and his lover, Commander Eizen Sartris, while straining the bond with his own ship’s heart, Padua. Attacked by Siwu pirates, Michael finds refuge on a damaged alien vessel, where he waits for Eizen to rescue him. But in the dark cold wreckage, he discovers a thriving garden … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Rhythm of Death – Amir Lane & N.J. Ember

A Rhythm Of Death - Amir Lane & N.J. Ember

QSFers Amir Lane and N.J. Ember have a new queer urban rock ‘n roll fantasy out, Heavy metal Magic book 2: A Rhythm of Death. What sacrifice will come to pass this night? With Trenton Woods officially missing, The Furies are under the care of their new manager, the legendary Xandria Malcom. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, the band will soon be playing at the Metallizer Festival and opening for the one and only Emperor Immortal. All of Lottie Ferro’s dreams are finally coming true, but all good things demand sacrifice. Music is fading from Lottie, one song at … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Homecoming Prince – Isabelle Adler

The Homecoming Prince - Isabelle Adler

Isabelle Adler has a new MM fantasy romance out: The Homecoming Prince. And there’s a giveaway. Having returned to the continent following Warren’s illness, Stephan and Warren are certain they’ve escaped the notice of spies from Seveihar and are ready to build a new future for themselves. However, their quiet life is shaken once again when they receive a message from Stephan’s sister, Nessa. She begs him to return home and help her stand against their older brother, Robert, who is abusing his power by oppressing his subjects and starting an unnecessary war with the neighboring country of Esnia. With … Read more

Lego’s First LGBTQ Pride Set

Lego Pride Set

Lego has announced its first-ever rainbow set, just in time for Pride month. The Danish toymaker announced a new set called “Everyone is Awesome,” which will feature 11 monochromatic, non-gendered figurines that come together to form a rainbow with black and brown stripes and the transgender flag colors. “I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love,” said LEGO set designer Matthew Ashton. He said that he designed the set a while back just to display on his desk at work, and when the company had the idea … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dryland’s End – Felice Picano

Dryland's End

Felice Picano has a new queer sci-fi book out: Dryland’s End. This is a rerelease. Five thousand years in the future, life itself is in jeopardy! A rebellion of intelligent Cybernetic servants has left the Females of the galaxy virtually sterile, crippling the controlling political body – the Matriarchy. The race is on to find a solution, but will it be enough to save the Matriarchy as other galactic authorities attempt to dominate them using sabotage and all-out war?  Dryland’s End is Felice Picano’s science fiction adventure for the new millennium. The novel touches on many of today’s most controversial … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Just Bart – E.D.E. Bell

Just Bart - E.D.E. Bell

QSFer E.D.E. Bell has a new queer humorous fantasy book out (non-binary+): Just Bart. Bart is just a simple folk trying to get by. With a posse comprisin’ of a sparkle-loving horse, an unsettled ghost, and a magic old whiskey bottle, they wander from town to town in search of some needed coin, and maybe a brighter day. Warnings: Alcohol, Mental Health (see for more) Get It At Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Kobo | Excerpt The bar was pretty crowded, and they weren’t going to use up a space for two folk, so they sat near … Read more

FOR READERS: Books With a Surprise Creamy Queer Center

Rainbow Eclair - Deposit Photos

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Jennifer Lavoie: Have you ever picked up a random spec fic book to read and found surprise queer characters? What books were a delightful surprise? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat: FB:

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Cailleadhama Audiobook – J. Scott Coatsworth

Caileadhama Audiobook cover - J. Scott Coatsworth

J. Scott Coatsworth’s MM “elf-meets-trans-man in post-climate-change San Francisco” book Cailleadhama is now out in audiobook format. And there’s a giveaway! Colton is a trans man living in a climate-changed world. He plies the canals that used to be city streets, earning a living taking tourists on illicit journeys through San Francisco’s flooded edges beneath the imposing bulk of the Wall. Tris is an elf who comes through the veil to the City by the Bay – the Caille – on a coming of age pilgrimage called the Cailleadhama. He is searching for his brother Laris, who went missing after … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dark Blood – Matthew Dante

Dark Blood - Matthew Dante

QSFer Matthew Dante has a new gay fantasy book out: Dark Blood. As Ethan and his mother settle into their new home, Ethan discovers that he is being hunted by a creature not of this world. A creature powered by dark magic.  To complicate matters, Ethan has also caught the attention of Daniel; a mysterious classmate who has a dangerous secret of his own… one that involves feasting on the blood of humans and the ability to live forever.  Get It At Amazon Excerpt As Ethan stood up, he noticed a dark figure standing across the southern side of the … Read more