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Fans Think Star Butterfly is Bisexual After Last Episode

Disney Channel cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil has just revealed that its main character is bisexual, according to fans. In the show’s March 17 episode “Ransomgram,” magical princess Star Butterfly sparked joy among queer fans by gazing lovingly at both thunder goddess Brunzetta and an alternate universe version of her friend Marco. The bisexual flag’s colours—pink, purple and blue—were displayed prominently in these clips, which showed Star giving Brunzetta the same look she aimed at Marco after describing him as a “buff and rugged” man who lives in the “abs dimension.” Full Story at Pink News

Boys Can Be Princesses Too, Disney Cartoon Says

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a Disney Channel show that first aired in January of 2015. The premise of the show is about a princess from another dimension who travels to Earth as a foreign exchange student. There, she becomes close with her host family’s son, Marco Diaz, and the two go on adventures together. Like Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Steven Universe, Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a kid’s show that adults can enjoy as well due to the hidden adult themes. For instance, Star vs. The Forces of Evil had a very progressive moment … Read more

Disney Fantasy Cartoon Includes Gay Kiss

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Star vs. The Forces of Evil, a Disney Channel cartoon now in its third season, featured a gay kiss without so much as a boycott by Focus on the Family. The main character, Star, is attending a boy band concert with her main love interest and another girl. While the band sings their song “Just Friends,” Star looks at the other happy couples around her starting to kiss. One of those couples is two men, complete with facial hair to make sure they are read as men. The show does not comment on this. It might not seem like much, … Read more