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Brazil’s Biggest Newspaper Prints Avengers Kiss After Censorship Attempts

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Crivella has faced ridicule after trying to ban sales of books with LGBT+ themes at the Rio International Book Biennial, citing an Avengers comic book featuring a kiss between two male superheroes, which he claims is “unsuitable for minors.” Crivella’s attempt to “protect children” from the image has probably not achieved what he was hoping, however, as copies of the comic have dominated Brazilian media and social media for days. The country’s largest newspaper, Folha de São Paulo, dedicated the cover of its Saturday edition to a reproduction of the image, under the headline: … Read more

Gay Superheroes Kiss Twice on Crisis on Earth X CW Crossover

Crisis on Earth-X kiss

Wentworth Miller and Russell Tovey locked lips in a recent episode of “The Flash.” Tovey made his debut as The Ray on “The Flash” as part of “Crisis on Earth-X,” a crossover series spanning “The Flash”, “Arrow,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” The crossover takes place in an alternate timeline where Nazis won World War II. During the episode, The Ray shares a kiss with his partner fellow superhero Citizen Cold, played by Wentworth Miller. Fans were excited to see two superheroes, and two out actors, kiss during a primetime television event. By Mariah Cooper – Full Story at The … Read more

TV: Finally – A Star Trek Gay Kiss

Star Trek Gay Kiss

It’s taken half a century, but Star Trek has finally seen a full-on gay kiss – on new Netflix series Star Trek Discovery. It’s a big step for Star Trek Discovery which has already delivered a number of LGBTI firsts. These include fulfilling Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s wish to have an openly gay crew member on the main cast. And as the series reached its midseason finale, we were treated to our first gay kiss. The couple involved is Lieutenant Paul Stamets, the ship’s top scientist, and Dr Hugh Culber, Discovery’s medical officer. Both are played by openly gay … Read more

COMICS: Iceman Gets His First Gay Kiss

Iceman gay kiss

Comics has had another landmark moment as adult Iceman – Bobby Drake – has had his first gay kiss. But wait, you’re saying, hasn’t Iceman been out and gay with a boyfriend for a while now? To be clear, there are two Icemans currently running around the comics X-Men universe. There is the adult Iceman, the same one that comic fans have grown up with since the 1960s. There is also a time-displaced Iceman, after teenage Bobby was brought from the past to the present. Teen Bobby was outed by psychic Jean Grey, and has since come out, kissed a … Read more

Disney Fantasy Cartoon Includes Gay Kiss

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Star vs. The Forces of Evil, a Disney Channel cartoon now in its third season, featured a gay kiss without so much as a boycott by Focus on the Family. The main character, Star, is attending a boy band concert with her main love interest and another girl. While the band sings their song “Just Friends,” Star looks at the other happy couples around her starting to kiss. One of those couples is two men, complete with facial hair to make sure they are read as men. The show does not comment on this. It might not seem like much, … Read more

ENTERTAINMENT: Iceman Gets a Kiss

Iceman Gay Kiss

Iceman has had his long-awaited first gay kiss since coming out in the X-Men universe. The younger time-displaced Bobby Drake met his first boyfriend, Romeo, back in All-New X-Men #13. Four issues later, we finally see the superhero get his moment. It begins with Inhuman Romeo and X-Man Iceman on one of their first dates. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News

New Doctor Who Spinoff Includes Gay Kiss

Class gay kiss

Class, the new Doctor Who spinoff coming to the BBC, has released its first trailer and a boy-on-boy smooch is featured prominently. Set at the Whovian landmark Coal Hill Academy, the new show will feature a gang of students and a mysterious physics teacher solving mysteries and battling aliens without the help of everyone’s favorite doctor. While the current incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, appears in the trailer and kickoff episode, openly gay writer Patrick Ness says he doesn’t plan on bringing the Doctor back often. “I think cameo appearances are like penises,” he told the audience … Read more

Sulu Gay Kiss Cut From “Star Trek Beyond”

An “intimate,” “welcome-home kiss” between Sulu and his husband was cut from Star Trek Beyond, says actor John Cho, who earlier this month made headlines after revealing that Sulu was gay in the latest film. In a new interview with Vulture, Cho talks about the character development and some of the concerns he had. Said Cho: I was concerned also that there might be Asian-American backlash. There has been this feminization of Asian men, so I thought this might be seen as continuing that lineage, which I disagree with personally, but I brought it up. I was also concerned, scientifically … Read more