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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: To Bring Him Home and Other Tales – Warren Rochelle

To Bring Him Home and Other Tales - Warren Rochelle

Warren Rochelle has a new queer SFF anthology out: To Bring Him Home and Other Tales. And there’s a giveaway! We all need a place to call home, a place where we belong, and are safe, and loved. For the lovers in these stories, finding home is easier said than done. Quests must be taken; dragons must be slain. Rocket launchers need to be dodged. Sometimes one might have to outrun the Wild Hunt, and sometimes they have to reimagine and recreate home. But these lovers do find homes, homes in each other’s hearts. Publisher | Amazon | Barnes & … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Courier – H.L. Moore

The Courier - H.L. Moore

QSFer H.L. Moore has a new queer sci-fi short (non-binary main character) in the Jovian Empire series: The Courier. The job seemed simple enough: collect the package and deliver it to Europa within two days’ time, no questions asked. If only the client hadn’t lied about there being no catch… Warning: Instance of limb dismemberment (non-graphic). Get It At Amazon | Kobo Excerpt “You are the smuggler, I presume?” Vorbote was a refined older gentleman, with a bald head and piercing blue eyes. He had come alone, as promised, and a discreet scan of his person and immediate surroundings confirmed … Read more