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NEW RELEASE: KYN – Laurence Ramsay

KYN - Laurence Ramsay

QSFer Laurence Ramsey has a new queer cyberpunk book out: KYN. OUR FUTURE IS QUEER: In a near post-dystopian future, an immortal assassin fights to defend civilization’s last city from the encroaching threat of mysterious invaders – all while struggling to protect those he loves from the twisted machinations of those he was bred to serve. Kyn is an Envoy, an elite assassin and messenger of the Unity. Trapped by a life of endless servitude and death, existentially lost and stuck in a self-destructive loop, Kyn is forced to confront his assumed place in the world when a routine assignment … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rising – L.D. Valentine

Rising - L.D. Valentine

QSFer L.D. Valentine has a new queer urban fantasy book out, The Coven of Zora Book 1: Rising. When Xavier arrives home on the last day of school, he walks into a horrifying scene of his uncle being consumed by a demon. After being rescued by a vampire named Serea, he finds himself thrust into a dark reality as a fledgling witch. Now Xavier must chart a new life while within the confines of the mysterious organization known as Zora. Can Xavier and his fellow witches protect themselves and humanity from a plot that threatens their nation? Get It At … Read more