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New Release: Muse – LCW Allingham

Muse - LCW Allingham

QSFer LCW Allingham has a new queer dark fantasy out (bi, gay, poly): Muse. Inspiration is a living thing and it is hungry… Terra Desmarais’s success as the next big artist in NYC is absolutely inevitable. Her patrons, the associates, Mr. Black, Mr. Silver, and Mr. Green, can practically taste the raw talent dripping from the enigmatic trailer park prodigy’s dollar store paints. Up and coming pastel artist Cedric Fleck is a lucky discovery of the associates. Rescued from oblivion by Mr Green, put up in a studio by Mr. Silver and paraded around on the arm of Mr. Black … Read more

New Release: As The Hawk Cuts The Heavens – E.S. Wynn

As The Hawk Cuts The Heavens - E.S. Wynn

QSFer E.S. Wynn has a new queer sci-fi/horror thriller out: As The Hawk Cuts The Heavens. The year is 2124. Earth’s first faster-than-light starship makes its maiden voyage into the unknown and disappears, only to be declared missing for the better part of two centuries. The ship’s historic first mission was supposed to be simple, just a test of the experimental displacement drive. The crew was supposed to spend seven days in the depths of space, then snap back to Earth to prove a concept, and nothing more.  Instead, they find something impossible. They find something that draws them into … Read more