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NEW RELEASE: Moonrise Academy: The Mysterious Boyfriend – Wendy Rathbone

Moonrise Academy: The Mysterious Boyfriend - Wendy Rathbone

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new mm paranormal shifter/omegaverse book out, Academy Shifters book 2: Moonrise Academy: The Mysterious Boyfriend. A secret life. Hidden abuse. Forbidden love. Calen meets the alpha of his dreams. But after their first encounter, the alpha ghosts him. Two months later, the alpha wants to meet again. His behavior remains mysterious, but Calen cannot deny their connection is on fire. His wolf insists they’ve met their mate. Vash has a secret. His family lives by old pack law. To save his family’s honor for a major crime against an enemy pack, he lives indentured to … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Vampire’s Witch – Damien Serbu

The Vampire's Witch - Damien Serbu

QSFer Damian Serbu has a new queer paranormal book out (M/NB) in the Realm of the Vampire Council series: The Vampire’s Witch. And there’s a giveaway! The Vampire’s Witch welcomes readers back to the world of vampires, witches, and magic. Jaret Bachmann’s life spins out of control after a handsome stranger saves him from an attack along the bike path on Lakeshore Drive. His estranged high school sweetheart stalks him, the enraged ghost of his ancestor destroys his family, and his bike path savior-cum-lover abandons him after learning Jaret is a powerful witch. A horrific family tragedy sends Jaret into … Read more


Magnified - Mell Eight

QSFer Mell Eight has a new MM urban fantasy book out: Magnified. And there’s a giveaway! On her deathbed, Yani’s great-grandmother reveals she has one last story from her past to tell: that of his great-uncle Yakov, who helped her survive the Nazis. It’s a story of vampires and werewolves he can scarcely believe—and in the wake of his great-grandmother’s death, Yani discovers the story is far from over. The world of vampires and werewolves isn’t a safe place for a human, even one with Yani’s unusual family history. With danger at his door, the smart thing would be to … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Forbidden Bond, by Lee Colgin

Forbidden Bond, By Lee Colgin

Lee Colgin has a new MM paranormal tale out, book one in the They Bite series: “Forbidden Bond.” Vampires and werewolves are historical enemies. When the Peace Accord that imposes an uncomfortable armistice between the species is threatened, the entire supernatural community must respond. Young vampire heir Sinclair Davis successfully petitions the council for permission to attend a werewolf dominated university. Surrounded by a pack of unwelcoming wolves, Sinclair’s first meeting with their alpha doesn’t go well. The handsome wolf hates him. Alpha wolf Mitchel Edgehill is furious when the university sends a vampire to be housed among his pack, … Read more

INTERVIEW: Addison Heimann, Creator of Kappa Force, a Just released Queer Poc Superhero Series

“Kappa Force,” fun satire of school rom-coms breaks the mold with parody pop songs and a cast of fabulous queer femme POC, trans and lesbian college superhero sorority sisters seeking “ Sorority Justice for Frat Boy Scum”, led by Madeline Weinstein  who starred in Netfilx’s ALEX STRANGELOVE and is leading on Broadway in the Harry Potter Musical. The LatinX creator, Addison Heimann, birthed this show from depression and into activism…all with humor. :) The show is streaming on Revry TV – “stream. out. loud.” See the Trailer Here We have an interview with Addison, the creator of the show: Queer Sci Fi: Tell me about KAPPA … Read more