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New Release / Giveaway: Nova’s Got Nerve – B L Jones

New Release / Giveaway: Nova's Got Nerve - B L Jones

B L Jones has a new MM sci-fi romance out, Liquid Onyx book 1: Nova’s Got Nerve. And there’s a giveaway. He’s got far too much nerve. He can blow things up with his mind. Yeah. The world should probably brace itself for this one. When Rex Nova was four years old, he became one of the world’s first superhumans. When Rex turns twenty, he feels the drive to use his scientifically given abilities to protect the world. He leaves home to become a member of the Secret Superhero Security team, alongside three of his friends and Danger City’s own … Read more

COMIC BOOKS: Marvel Launches New Trans Hero for Pride Season


Make way for Escapade! In MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE #1, which releases in June, Shela Sexton will make her debut as Marvel’s new trans mutant Super Hero, and she’s not alone. She’ll also bring along her best friend and fellow trans mutant Morgan Red, as well as their genetically engineered flying turtle Hibbert. Together, they’ll embark on a high-flying, yet intensely personal mission that will take them from floating party barges all the way to the mutant nation of Krakoa – and the Marvel Universe may never be the same. Speaking to, Escapade co-creator Charlie Jane Anders described Shela as “a … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Strong – Christa Tomlinson

Strong - Christa Tomlinson

QSFer Christa Tomlinson has a new MM superhero book out, Arch City Guardians book 0: Strong. A Superhero Fights for a Second Chance at Love. Once St. Louis’s greatest superhero, Lieutenant Vince Strong has now retired to civilian life. With his newfound free time, he finds himself reminiscing about Jace – the perfect and gorgeous submissive that he pushed away years ago. When Jace returns to town after a fifteen-year absence, he reignites the fierce love and passion that Vince has never been able to forget. Determined to correct the biggest mistake of his life, Vince sets out to win … Read more

TV: “Legends of Tomorrow” Features First Ace Superhero

Legends of Tomorrow ace superhero

DC Comics’ bustling television universe, known by fans as the Arrowverse, introduced its first asexual superhero on the latest episode of The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow.” In the episode, Spooner, a member of the time-traveling superhero squad, came out as asexual after having a rare quiet moment with fellow hero Zari. Spooner, portrayed by Lisseth Chavez, reveals that she isn’t attracted to men or women, hinting that her lack of sexual attraction could be the product of “mushroom aliens.” But Zari reassured her that asexuality is a real thing and is completely normal, addressing common misconceptions about asexuality head-on. Chavez … Read more

comic Book “Power Bear” Tackles Gay Shame, Mental Health and An Alien Apocalypse

Power Bear

In a world of buff, statuesque heroes, Power Bear is bringing body positivity and discussions of mental health to the queer community. Imagine a superhero. They may be tall and muscular, like Henry Cavill’s Superman, or have the shoulder-to-waist ratio of Chris Evan’s Captain America. Maybe they even have his beloved “America’s ass”. But a new breed of hero is slowly emerging in pop culture which is more representative of the beauty and variety of body shapes in the real world. “Bears are hard to find in the comic mainstream,” Łukasz Majcher, creator of Power Bear, tells PinkNews. “The only … Read more

MOVIES: Doctor Strange 2 Previews Queer Superhero America Chavez

America Chavez

New merch for the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has hinted that the film will celebrate a new character’s queerness loudly and proudly. Marvel announced in 2020 that Xochitl Gomez had been cast as the lesbian teenage superhero America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Chavez, also known as Miss America, has been a favourite ever since her comic book debut back in 2011, and fans have been eager to find out whether the MCU will put her queerness front and centre. In true Marvel fashion, the film studio has kept mostly quiet about … Read more

Paris Jackson Wants to Be a Marvel Superhero – Or Villain

Paris Jackson - video cap

Queer musician, model and actor Paris Jackson has declared that she “wants to be a Marvel hero – or a supervillain”. Speaking to Variety Jackson, who stars in the new Hulu coming-of-age movie Sex Appeal, revealed that she’s a lifelong Marvel fan, and would love to join the MCU some day. “I want to be a superhero or a supervillain,” she said. “I grew up reading the comics with my brothers. Every time a new Marvel film comes out, we go as a family to watch it… They haven’t let anyone down since 2009.” Jackson said her favourite characters were … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Hellfire – Michelle Schad

Hellfire - Michelle Schad

QSFer Michelle Schad has a new queer urban fantasy superhero book out (pansexual): Hellfire. For many, the United States is a land of opportunity and new beginnings – unless you happen to be ‘different’ from everyone else. Hadi Shahir is one of those people, different in more ways than one. Hadi can manipulate fire; he is ‘Evolved’.  All he wants is a new life and new adventures in this land of opportunity. His dreams become endless nightmares, however, that begin with an inexplicable hate crime that leaves the young man traumatized and untrusting of the world around him. A chance encounter … Read more

TV: Supergirl’s Nicole Maines: ‘Trans is Beautiful and Powerful’

Nicole Maines

Nicole Maines, who plays television’s first openly trans superhero, knows what it means to fight for what is right. She does it every day. The 24-year-old from Glosservile, New York, is a hero after all. In 2014, she successfully sued her school district after being denied access to the girl’s bathroom for being trans. Now, Maines has swapped legal paperwork for tights as she stars as Nia Nal, a shy, hardworking reporter in training working alongside Kara Danvers, otherwise known as Supergirl. Full Story from Pink News

NEW RELEASE: Rising Storm – Alex Silver

Rising Storm - Alex Silver

QSFer Alex Silver has a new M/X superhero romance book out: Rising Storm. I’ve got a secret. Two, actually. I’m not that powerful. My best friend Gerald, though, he’s got enough superpowers to fill the role of two heroes. His abilities are so strong, he can even make everyone believe I’m destined to be more than a sidekick. My other secret? I love him. My crush is getting harder to hide now that we’re headed off to superhero university together. With Gerald as my roommate, it’s only a matter of time before he figures out how I feel. And from … Read more