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Review: Grendel Rising – Gordon Phillips

Grendel Rising - Gordon Phillips

Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book Grendel is a troll who comes up from the world below to find love. But the passage is hard, and it’s only with the aid of a human named Ken that Grendel survives. Ken, a successful, thirty-ish software engineer, lives peacefully in the suburbs with his dog Jake. Though six feet tall, Ken has always secretly dreamed of meeting a man bigger than himself. In Grendel he finds this desire met in spectacular fashion. Grendel is attracted to Ken too, but before the pair … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Bridge to Love – Lee Colgin

A Bridge to Love - Lee Colgin

QSFer Lee Colgin has a new MM paranormal Christmas book out: “A Bridge to Love.” And there’s a giveaway! Everyone knows a proper troll must never leave his post. Arlo is thrilled to have his own bridge to guard, though it’s a lonely job. A troll should enjoy being alone, but Arlo has never been very good at being a troll. He longs for companionship, but guards that secret like he guards his bridge. Toby, a cheerful wolf shifter, serves as a messenger between villages. When his route is suddenly blocked by a fearsome troll, he must charm his way … Read more