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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Bridge to Love – Lee Colgin

A Bridge to Love - Lee Colgin

QSFer Lee Colgin has a new MM paranormal Christmas book out: “A Bridge to Love.” And there’s a giveaway! Everyone knows a proper troll must never leave his post. Arlo is thrilled to have his own bridge to guard, though it’s a lonely job. A troll should enjoy being alone, but Arlo has never been very good at being a troll. He longs for companionship, but guards that secret like he guards his bridge. Toby, a cheerful wolf shifter, serves as a messenger between villages. When his route is suddenly blocked by a fearsome troll, he must charm his way … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Christmas Party – Gillian St. Kevern

The Christmas Party - Gillian St. Kevern

QSFer Gillian St. Kevern has a new queer holiday gothic paranormal romance out (bi/trans): “The Christmas Party.” Tidings of comfort and—ghosts? As the solitary inhabitant of a notoriously haunted house, Micah Evanovich is braced for another miserable Christmas. He passes his days playing the piano, brooding on his failure to produce a sonata worthy of the woman he loved, and hiding from the world. When a wilful heiress decides his house is the perfect location for her spooky Christmas soiree, Micah’s very existence is threatened. Will the party provide Micah with the chance to put his past behind him—or further … Read more

REVIEW: Fall Flavors – A.M. Leibowitz

Fall Flavors - A.M. Leibowitz

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, General Fiction LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Non-Binary Reviewer: Dan Get It On Amazon About The Book Seven stories, from tricks to treats: A man discovers the benefits of autumn cologne; a haunted Broadway-themed house; a witch in some trouble; Lucifer’s daughter has a surprise for dear old dad; a pair of pre-teens on an autumn treasure hunt; a costume party; and a broken down car, a thunderstorm, and a creepy mansion. The Review Let me start by saying I don’t like short story collections. Yes, some authors excel in the genre, masters of the difficult … Read more