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New Release: Star’s Odyssey – Clint Green

Star's Odyssey - Clint Green

QSFer Clint Green has a new queer sci-fi book out: Star’s Odyssey. In the depths of uncharted space, a unique vessel stirs. “Star,” once a majestic living creature, now a hybrid of organic life and mechanical ingenuity, charts its course through the cosmos. When a ragtag crew of survivors – victims of the cruel Vrexen Empire – find themselves aboard Star, they are thrust into an adventure beyond their wildest dreams. Led by reluctant captain, Alex O’Keefe. this unlikely group of allies must navigate treacherous galaxies, confront their darkest fears, and fight for their newfound freedom. From the remnants of … Read more

New Release: Enemy Colours – R.M. Olson

Enemy Colours - R.M. Olson

QSFer R.M.Olson has a new queer sci-fi book out, The Devil and the Dark book 3: Enemy Colours. The enemy of my enemy … Captain Hollis Ives has sworn to take down the infamous pirate captain Mad Dog, or die trying. But when their ships runs across an unexpected enemy in deep space—a war fleet out to destroy the Level itself—she’ll have to either form an alliance with the pirates, or watch her ship, her crew, and possibly the Level itself, burn. Silas Hunt thought he’d left the navy behind forever when he joined up with Mad Dog. But now, … Read more

Review: Dalí – E.M. Hamill

Dalí - E.M. Hamill

Genre: Sci-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Intersex Reviewer: Rari Get It On Amazon | Series Box Set About The Book Dalí Tamareia has everything—a young family and a promising career as an Ambassador in the Sol Fed Diplomatic Corps. Dalí’s path as a peacemaker seems clear, but when their loved ones are killed in a terrorist attack, grief sends the genderfluid changeling into a spiral of self-destruction. Fragile Sol Fed balances on the brink of war with a plundering alien race. Their skills with galactic relations are desperately needed to broker a protective alliance, but in mourning, Dalí no longer cares, … Read more

New Release: Be the Sea – Clara Ward

Be the Sea - Clara Ward

QSFer Clara Ward has a new queer sci-fantasy book out (ace, bi, demi, gay, lesbian, non-binary, poly, trans): Be the Sea. In November 2039, marine scientist Wend Taylor heaves themself aboard a zero-emissions boat skippered by elusive nature photographer Viola Yang. Guided by instinct, ocean dreams, and a shared birthday in 1972, they barter stories for passage across the Pacific. Aljon, Viola’s younger cousin, keeps a watchful eye and an innovative galley. Story by story, the trio rethink secrets, flying dreams, and how they experience their own minds. When they reach Hawaiʻi and prepare to part ways, opportunity and mystery … Read more

Review: Black Sails to Sunward – Sheila Jenné

Black Sails to Sunward - Sheila Jenne

Genre: Sci-Fi, Space Opera, Romance Subplot LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Lesbian Reviewer: Beáta Get It At Amazon | Publisher | Kobo | Universal Buy Link About The Book In a world of frock coats, solar sails, and rigid class boundaries, Lucy joins the Martian Imperial Navy as a midshipman. Mars and Earth are at war, and Lucy hopes for quick promotion. But when she arrives aboard ship, she finds harsh officers and a crew on the verge of mutiny. And worse: her former friend, Moira—a commoner and a radical—is a member of the crew. It’s clear where Lucy’s duty lies. As an officer and a gentlewoman, she … Read more

Review: Salvage – R J Theodore

Salvage - R J Theodore

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian, Gay Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book Peridot is headed for its second cataclysm. War has broken ancient alliances, sealed borders, and locked down the skies. The Five, Peridot’s alchemist gods, have seen one of their number die and another fall in their efforts to protect their world from invaders beyond the stars. Defeated and diminished, they have ceased to answer the prayers of their people and have left the rapidly unraveling world to fend for itself. Talis and the orphaned crew of the lost airship Wind Sabre have a plan to … Read more

New Release: Cold Rising – Rohan O’Duill

Cold Rising - Rohan O’Duill

QSFer Rohan O’Duill has a new queer cyberpunk/dystopian book out (non-binary): Cold Rising. After a job gone wrong, Special Agent Olgo is trapped within the bowels of Mars with no means of escape. The device that imprisons the trauma within them is about to fail, and the past terrors kept hidden by it must be contained for Olgo’s sanity and everyone’s safety. From the darkness comes a tiny voice, and a tinier hope: “Hello?” Get It At Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Kobo | Apple | Smashwords | Universal Buy Link Excerpt Geneva Mega City, 2324 Olgo’s two operatives … Read more

Review: A Perfect Heresy – Courtney Maguire

A Perfect Heresy - Courtney Maguire

Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopian LGBTQ+ Category: Gender Neutral Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Dystopian science fiction perfect for fans of Ursula LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness and The Hunger Games. The City was prosperous once, a beautiful utopia made up of perfect people unplagued by disease or infirmity, existing under the benevolent eyes of the Mother. Its high walls guarded it from the ugliness of the world, making it possible for its Citizens to live by the Mother’s will. But then, the Outsiders rebelled. Tired of being oppressed and exploited by the City for … Read more

New Release: Devil to Pay – R.M. Olson

Devil to Pay - R.M. Olson

QSFer R.M. Olson has a new queer sci-fi book out (Lesbian, Non-Binary, Trans MTF), The Devil and the Dark book 1: Devil to Pay. In a world of pirates and murderous ghosts, one naval cadet must choose between loyalty and survival.In the Level’s Naval Academy, officer candidate Silas Hunt stumbles across a secret that could get him hanged for treason. The only hope he has to save his own life and to find justice is to join up with a ruthless pirate captain, a woman known as Mad Dog—even if it means sacrificing everything he’s spent his life working for. … Read more

New Release: Low Dawn – Sax Brightwell

Low Dawn - Sax Brightwell

QSFer Sax Brightwell has a new queer sci-fi romance (bi, trans FTM) out, Secrets of Sleipnir book 1: Low Dawn. A steamy queer romance on an alien world. A story of hidden histories, shattered destinies, and Really Big Animals. Fiyeli has a pretty good life on the ringed moon Sleipnir. He has friends all over, and even a few casual lovers, if not the belonging and devotion his heart has never stopped seeking. He’s made a career of sorts out of crossing the treacherous Sea of Glass, carrying messages and guiding travelers through the massive impact crater separating the northern … Read more