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ANNOUNCEMENT: Long Night at Lake Never – Eric David Roman

Long Night At Lake Never - Eric David Roman

Eric David Roman has a new MM horror book out: Long Night at Lake Never. And there’s a giveaway! Welcome to Camp Horizons, where they pray all day…and get slayed all night! Nestled against scenic Lake Never, recently outed Tyler Wills has arrived at the secluded conversion camp, where the delusional staff of counselors believes he and his fellow camper’s queer affliction can be healed solely through the power of prayer. After a full day spent rallying against sadistic deprogramming therapies, the deranged camp director, and planning his escape, Tyler discovers a larger problem—a mysterious stranger has rolled into camp … Read more

REVIEW: Rattling Chains – T. Strange

Rattling Chains

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Trans FTM Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Ghosts are popping up where they shouldn’t. Harlan, a ghost janitor for the police, suspects there’s a serial killer on the loose—but no one believes him. Harlan Brand is a medium who was abandoned by his parents at a school for the psychically gifted. He grew up lonely but safe from the ghosts that terrorized his childhood. But now, at twenty-one, he’s out in the real world. He works as a ghost janitor for the Toronto Police Service, cleaning up after crimes and … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Christmas Party – Gillian St. Kevern

The Christmas Party - Gillian St. Kevern

QSFer Gillian St. Kevern has a new queer holiday gothic paranormal romance out (bi/trans): “The Christmas Party.” Tidings of comfort and—ghosts? As the solitary inhabitant of a notoriously haunted house, Micah Evanovich is braced for another miserable Christmas. He passes his days playing the piano, brooding on his failure to produce a sonata worthy of the woman he loved, and hiding from the world. When a wilful heiress decides his house is the perfect location for her spooky Christmas soiree, Micah’s very existence is threatened. Will the party provide Micah with the chance to put his past behind him—or further … Read more

REVIEW: Power Surge – Sara Codair

Power Surge - Sara Codair

Title: Power Surge Series: Evanstar Chronicles Book 1 Author: Sara Codair Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural LGBTQ+ Category: Non-binary, trans, demi, bi, pan Publisher: NineStar Press Pages: 272 Pages Reviewer: Melissa, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Erin has just realized that for the entirety of their life, their family has lied to them. Their Sight has been masked for years, so Erin thought the Pixies and Mermaids were hallucinations. Not only are the supernatural creatures they see daily real, but their grandmother is an Elf, meaning Erin isn’t fully human. On top of that, the dreams … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Power Inversion – Sara Codair

Power Inversion

Sara Codair has a new queer supernatural/urban fantasy book out, Evanstar Chronicles book two: ‘Power Inversion.” And there’s a giveaway! Do you have to be a monster to fight one? Erin Evanstar is a demon hunter, a protector of humanity from nightmarish predators that feed on people’s fears and flesh. They are settling into their dual life of being a teen and hunting demons. When a tentacled horror abducts Erin’s partner, José, Erin and their family go on the hunt to get him back. But Erin gets an ultimatum: help the Fallen Angels bring on the apocalypse or watch José … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Prophecy Rising, by Damien Shadows

Prophecy Rising

QSFer Damien Shadows has a new MM paranormal book out, Snakeheart Book One: “Prophecy Rising.” The nightmares tormented me for years… …and shortly after my thirty-third birthday, I learned why. My name is Dante Coranguis, and I have a great life, a solid job, amazing friends, and most importantly, lots of crazy sex.  But on the night I met the vampires, everything changed, including my nightmare. My life’s ambitions and dreams were snatched out of my hands because I was destined to become The One, the Herald of Satan, the Antichrist, the most feared man throughout the ages. And here … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Gift of Ashes, by Amir Lane

Gift of Shadows, by Amir Lane

QSFer Amir Lane has a new Gay Urban Fantasy out in the Barrier Witch series: “Gift of Ashes.” Death is no escape from the grasp of a malevolent necromancer. Five hundred years ago, Angelo was burned at the stake and reborn as a phoenix. That’s when his true suffering began. For more than a century, he has born the brand of necromancer Rutherford Bromley. Bound by magical ties even death can’t escape, Angelo is a slave to the mad man’s vile whims. It falls to him to find victims Bromley can harvest organs from. If he fails, he pays with … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Forbidden Bond, by Lee Colgin

Forbidden Bond, By Lee Colgin

Lee Colgin has a new MM paranormal tale out, book one in the They Bite series: “Forbidden Bond.” Vampires and werewolves are historical enemies. When the Peace Accord that imposes an uncomfortable armistice between the species is threatened, the entire supernatural community must respond. Young vampire heir Sinclair Davis successfully petitions the council for permission to attend a werewolf dominated university. Surrounded by a pack of unwelcoming wolves, Sinclair’s first meeting with their alpha doesn’t go well. The handsome wolf hates him. Alpha wolf Mitchel Edgehill is furious when the university sends a vampire to be housed among his pack, … Read more

FOR WRITERS: What’s Next in Paranormal Fiction?

paranormal - pixabay

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth: What do you see as emerging trends in the paranormal/supernatural genres? Get out your crystal balls! Writers: This is a writer chat – you are welcome to share your own book/link, as long as it fits the chat, but please do so as part of a discussion about the topic. Join the chat: FB: MeWe:

FOR READERS & WRITERS: Ghosts in My Bedroom

ghost - pixabay

FOR READERS & WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Denise Dechene: Are you superstitious? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you like reading (or writing) them? Writers: This is a reader/writer chat – you are welcome to share your own book/link, as long as it fits the chat, but please do so as part of a discussion about the topic. Join the chat: FB: MeWe: